For Starfield players who have a ton of contraband to sell, The Den is one of the best spots to offload these illegal goods, but where is it located?

Smuggling contraband is risky as the United Colonies or the Freestar Collective roam the galaxy in search of those breaking the law. If caught, they will confiscate your valuable goods.

However, heading to The Den is a great way to evade these authorities, as this location’s system has no scanners. Here is where to find it.

Where to Find the Den in Starfield

The Den is found in the Wolf Star System and next to the planet of Chthonia. It is a spacecraft that orbits this planet, and players can dock onto it in order to board.

In the menu, a symbol on the edge of Chthonia will highlight The Den. Fast-travel to the location and get close enough to dock.

Where to Find the Den in Starfield

Players can find the Wolf Star System near Alpha Centauri, allowing them to travel to it early in the game.

One of the critical factors for players wanting to head to The Den is the availability of a Trade Authority Stall. The vendor here will purchase any item you have, with no questions asked and offers a good price.

Players looking to sell contraband will likely want to know where this area is located, as the Wolf Star System has no scanners to confiscate your illegal items.

It is definitely one of the best locations to start racking up a ton of credits.

The Den in Space
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