The long-awaited Ranked Play mode for MW3 is no longer dropping alongside the launch of Season 1 Reloaded, according to Activision.

If you’ve been eagerly waiting for the launch of Season 1 Reloaded to jump into Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s Ranked Play, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

Activision has delayed the mode at the very last second, though it might not be long before it finally arrives.

Why Is Ranked Play Missing?

If you’re jumping into MW3 to check out Ranked Play right after the Season 1 Reloaded update, you may notice that the mode is currently missing.

UPDATE: Ranked Play is finally here for MW3! The update went live on January 18 at 10:30 AM PT / 1:30 PM PT, a day after the Season 1 Reloaded update dropped.

The rest of the original article continues as follows:

This is because, shortly before the major update went live, Activision announced a delay for the eagerly-anticipated mode, in a post to X:

According to the publisher, the Ranked Play team needs time to perform ‘checks’ before enabling the mode in MW3.

Therefore it will not be available right at Season 1 Reloaded’s launch. And it’s not even the only new feature that Activision has delayed at the last second.

When Will Ranked Play Arrive?

MW3 Ranked Play should be available shortly after the release of Season 1 Reloaded, as soon as Treyarch has been able to run its performance checks.

MW3 Ranked Play finally went live on January 18 at 10:30 AM PT / 1:30 PM PT

However, Activision hasn’t confirmed whether these checks will take a matter of minutes, hours, or even days.

MW3 Purple Ranked Play Operators

The Season 1 Reloaded Patch Notes blog post simply states that “Ranked Play will not be available immediately” after the update.

Since then, Activision has confirmed that Ranked Play will be delayed while the developers investigate a “critical issue”. However, has reassured fans that it will launch “as soon as possible”.

We will update this article with further information about MW3 Ranked Play as soon as it is announced.

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