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Where Is the Fastest Car in GTA San Andreas?

If you want to travel around San Andreas in style, look no further than the fastest car in the game – and here’s where to find it.

The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Definitive Edition is here at last, and we’re returning to the classic title with an all-new visual overhaul.

But how best to experience the wonders of San Andreas than with the fastest car in the game? Just like Vice City before it, the car you’re searching for is the Infernus, a supercar with a top speed of around 240 km/h.

Interestingly, the popular vehicle has been in almost every GTA title to date, making it a real fan favorite. And in San Andreas, it’s the fastest vehicle there is.

Where to Find the Infernus in GTA San Andreas
Rockstar Games

Of course, you can get a free Infernus and more with the GTA San Andreas cheat codes! But if you want to find the fastest car in San Andreas without relying on cheats, here’s where to look.

Where to Find the Infernus in GTA San Andreas

Looking for the Infernus in GTA San Andreas? The fastest car in the Grand Theft Auto title is easier to come by than you’d think.

Despite the Infernus being the best car in the game, it’s not too rare! Here’s where to find it:

  • The Infernus can randomly spawn in Downtown Los Santos
  • Also seen around Richman, Los Santos, near the bridge between Rodeo and Flint Intersection.
  • Spawns mostly around San Fierro.
  • Common spawn in Paradiso, San Fierro.
Where to Find the Infernus in GTA San Andreas
Rockstar Games
  • Drives around Bayside Marina, perfect for a little GTA.
  • Parked by the most North East home in Paradiso (Export mission exclusive)
  • Often around The Strip, Old Venturas Strip, Prickle Pine in Las Venturas.
  • Import the Infernus at Easter Basin for $76,000.

But the Infernus isn’t the only speedster in the San Andreas roster!

And who needs a vehicle when you could take to the air in style – here’s how to get a Jetpack in San Andreas.

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