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When Will Xbox One Support End? Xbox Boss Reveals New Details

If you’re still not upgrading to an Xbox Series X/S, Phil Spencer has new details about when Xbox One support will end.

It’s been an interesting few months since the launch of the Xbox Series X/S back in November 2020. Now 7 months on from launch day, it’s still not easy to get hold of the next-gen consoles.

We know that Xbox Series X/S stock shortage is about to end, but for the moment finding a device is still a hassle.

Thankfully, Xbox remains committed to supporting Xbox One owners for as long as possible. So far, every Xbox Series X/S title to date is also playable on Xbox One.

xbox series x
(Source: Xbox)

But what are the company’s plans for the future? And what happens when a game is no longer able to run on the 8-year-old hardware?

Well that time might already be arriving, as Phil Spencer reveals more about the future of Xbox.

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When Will the Xbox One Be Obsolete?

It looks as though Microsoft is going to continue supporting the Xbox One for some time, keeping the console from being obsolete.

Although Xbox Series X/S devices will be the company’s focus moving forward, Phil Spencer reveals that Xbox One support isn’t going away. With the new release of Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to Xbox One, IGN‘s Ryan McCaffrey points out that the older gen title will run on Xbox’s Cloud service.

In this way, Xbox owners will be able to stream a version of the game, even without the power to natively run it.

“When it comes to playing from the Cloud, it’s not replicating playing from local hardware,” Phil Spencer admits. “The best way to go play an Xbox Series X game is on an Xbox Series X.”

But whether players are unable to secure a new console due to chip shortages or simply due to their own circumstances, Xbox wants to make sure you’re not left behind.

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xbox series x
(Source: Xbox)

Thanks to the Xbox Cloud functionality, it’s possible to bring Xbox Series X/S experiences over to Xbox One hardware. Whether you’re waiting for next-gen availability or choosing not to upgrade just yet, gamers can hold onto their old consoles indefinitely.

What’s more, Xbox’s xCloud streaming could even come to other consoles, reports suggest!

What’s also great about this method is that it doesn’t require developers to hold back titles to ensure they run on older consoles. Moving forward, every Xbox title can push the limits of the Series X/S and still comfortably run on Xbox One.

End of Xbox One Support

That’s not to say that Xbox One support will go on forever. Just as all generations come and go, eventually the Xbox One will get left behind.

We’re finally at a point where Xbox Series X/S consoles are arriving in stores, so the stock is becoming available for those who want it.

“There will be some point, I’m sure that that won’t be possible on old hardware,” Spencer confirms. “I’ve had that question asked about 360 and other things but yeah I think it is a great bridge opportunity for us, and it’s one of the powers that the Cloud gives us.”

xbox one support ending

It seems that eventually, the Xbox One will become obsolete, but players certainly don’t have to worry about it anytime soon. For now, Xbox is ensuring that gamers can play the games they want, using the consoles that they have.

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Saturday 9th of October 2021

I am still waiting to buy Xbox X but the backlog is not to end until 2023.