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When Will The Verdansk Mines Open in Warzone?

There’s still a huge part of the Warzone map that players are still waiting to explore – when will the Verdansk Mines open?

Warzone underwent a huge map change at the start of Season 3, however one aspect of that map has still yet to be revealed over 2 seasons later.

Raven Software revealed that the Verdansk Mines in Warzone would be opening up at some point in the future. However, many players have been wondering when the mines will open up, since Verdansk won’t be in Warzone for much longer.

But first, in case you missed the big news, Warzone will be getting a new map with anti-cheat soon.

Warzone Verdansk Mine Shafts

Warzone Verdansk Mine Shaft Reveal Coming Soon?

With the Call of Duty Vanguard release date closing in and a new map coming with it, Warzone fans have been wondering when the Verdansk Mines will finally open up.

In fact, hundreds of players on the Warzone subreddit have been wondering exactly this question. This is because Raven hinted that the mines in the North-West could open at the start of Season 3.

“You may also notice that the interior mine complex is currently blocked off… for now”

Raven Software, Warzone Seaosn 3
Warzone Verdansk Mines

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Raven has not said anything about the mine shafts since Verdansk ’84 launched so the earliest we could be seeing the Verdansk Mines is Warzone Season 5 Reloaded.

However, this is the most likely time for them to open as it could coincide with the upcoming ‘Numbers’ Warzone event which involves the Red Doors.

Alternatively, this could be an addition that comes at the Warzone Season 6 release date. However, this is still a while away and would mean that the Verdansk Mines are only open for 1 season.

Finally, there is a possibility that we never see this planned update. Raven could have sidelined it to prioritize the new WW2 map, which will be bigger than Verdansk and have planes.

Do you think we will ever see the Verdansk Mines Open in Warzone? Let’s hope that they do because the map is in desperate need of some new locations.

Warzone Verdansk Mine Entrance

In other news, this change isn’t the most pressing one that Raven Software has to deal with. Many Warzone players have had terrible lag spikes and server issues in Season 5.

Also, players will want to have the best chance of winning in Warzone. Check out the meta Perk loadout in Warzone Season 5.

You should use this as soon as possible. This is because the new Combat Scout Perk is way too OP and Raven could nerf it soon.

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