Fans that utilize the free-to-access service Pokemon Home are likely wondering when they can start transferring their Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem too far away. So, eager fans can now begin prepping their Pokemon for the move.

When Is Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Coming to Pokemon Home?

Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are coming to Pokemon Home on Tuesday, May 30, in the Pokemon Home version 3.0.0 update.

According to the official Pokemon Twitter account, maintenance for version 3.0.0 will go live on May 29 at 5 PM PT, during which Pokemon Home will not be accessible.

Additionally, the maintenance will likely not end until May 30 at 11 PM PT, at which time the update will become available for all players.

So, this is roughly the time fans across the world can expect Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to be officially added to Pokemon Home:

  • 11 PM PT (May 30)
  • 12 AM MT (May 31)
  • 2 AM ET (May 31)
  • 7 AM BST (May 31)
  • 8 AM CEST (May 31)
  • 4 PM AEST (May 31)

If players link their accounts when version 3.0.0 is available, they’ll unlock a Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly with Hidden Abilities as Mystery Gifts. This is exclusive to the mobile version of Pokemon Home.

Of course, if you want to save your Pokemon because you’re thinking of starting over, then make sure you know how to restart your save in Scarlet and Violet.

What Pokemon Can You Transfer From Scarlet & Violet to Pokemon Home?

Players can transfer all of their Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet to Pokemon Home. They can store them there and transfer them back to Scarlet and Violet at any point.

However, they cannot transfer any Generation 9 Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet to other Pokemon games. This includes any Pokemon exclusive to Scarlet and Violet.

The Starter Pokémon Posing

The official Scarlet and Violet website states that the Pokemon you can transfer between games via the service can only be Pokemon that appear within those games.

So, you won’t be able to send a Sprigatito to Pokemon Sword and Shield. Similarly, you won’t be able to send any Pokemon from Sword and Shield that don’t appear in Scarlet and Violet.

Can You Use Pokemon Home to Transfer Between Pokemon Legends: Arceus & Scarlet and Violet?

You will be able to transfer any compatible Pokemon between Scarlet and Violet and Pokemon Legends: Arceus through the Pokemon Home service.

The Pokemon you will be able to transfer will be strictly limited to those that are available in both games. So, for example, you can’t transfer Koraidon to Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Switch

Is Pokemon Home Free?

Pokemon Home is a free service that allows non-paying users to store 30 Pokemon. Free users can also only deposit a singular Pokemon on the service’s Global Trade System.

However, there is a Premium tier that costs $3 for one month or $16 for a year. It allows users to store 6,000 Pokemon and deposit three on the GTS.

So, in essence, Pokemon Home is free. However, if you want to transfer a lot of Pokemon from across all of the mainline games, then you will likely need to pay for the Premium tier.

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