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When Will The Leaked RAAL MG & CX-9 Release in Warzone?

Warzone players want to know when the the RAAL MG and CX-9 will arrive in Warzone.

New weapons are some of the most exciting additions to Warzone. They can shake up the meta and also give players new attachments and camos to unlock.

Around half a dozen weapons get added to Warzone with every new season, but these ones have been in the game’s files for months now. This is despite players really wanting to pick them up again.

So when will the RAAL MG and CX-9 release in Warzone?


Hidden Modern Warfare Weapons Removed From Warzone

Many players might remember the first few days of Season 2. Along with the Sykov, which was unreleased at the time, the ground loot pool also included two entirely new guns.

Both the RAAL MG and CX-9 were found in Warzone for players to use.

The ground loot versions of the guns, even with pretty poor attachment setups were extremely powerful. However, Raven Software removed them after a few days.

It’s been over 3 months since then and Warzone players on the subreddit are beginning to wonder if the RAAL MG and CX-9 weapons will ever release…

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RAAL MG & CX-9 Warzone Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no way of telling when these weapons will arrive. The other new Modern Warfare weapon, the Sykov, was dropped out of nowhere.

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There was no indication that it would be released and wasn’t included in the Season 2 roadmap either. It just appeared in the game one day.

Therefore, it looks like fans will just have to be patient and hope that the exciting new RAAL MG and CX-9 arrive in Warzone soon.

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Warzone players are also waiting for the leaked Soap MacTavish operator to come to Warzone too.

Until the RAAL MG and CX-9 get released, why not try one of the best meta guns in Warzone for June 2021. These will help you get more victories.

Finally, check out the complete patch notes for the June 3 Warzone update. It fixed a number of annoying bugs.

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