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When Will Nintendo Switch OLED Pre-Orders Ship? Launch Day Delivery Will Vary

The Nintendo Switch OLED has certainly risen to popularity depleting all pre-orders, but when are these orders going to be shipped?

Certainly, Nintendo has managed to keep gamers interested in their portable console hybrid.

Just today Smash Bros. Ultimate’s final DLC character was revealed, and the hype for the Nintendo Switch couldn’t be higher.

This same hype goes for Nintendo’s latest console refresh, which went out of stock minutes after pre-orders went live.

The release date for the Nintendo Switch OLED is getting closer and fans are starting to wonder when retailers are going to ship their orders.

Nintendo Switch OLED pre order shipping
Source: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch OLED Pre-order Shipping

Many users have reached out to retailers and the answer to this question has been varied.

Some retailers have stated that the Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders will ship as soon as stock is allocated.

On the other hand, some retailers like GameStop are stating that they will fulfill these orders one or two days after the console launches.

As well, Amazon is following similar delivery times as GameStop.

Some Amazon users are already receiving shipping confirmations with a delivery date two or three days from Nintendo Switch OLED’s launch date.

Nintendo Switch OLED pre order shipping Amazon

Unfortunately, it seems that also some retailers are delaying Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders.

In essence, delivery times will vary. Although, overall the average delivery time seems to be anywhere between launch days and three days tops.

Nintendo Switch OLED Upgrade

Nintendo’s latest refresh to the Switch family is about to ship to fans all around the world.

This refresh comes at a perfect time for some fans as some high-profile titles like Metroid Dread are launching soon.

Sadly, this is not the 4K upgrade everyone expected for Nintendo Switch.

But, if you are still going to upgrade your original Nintendo Switch, here is how you can transfer your data to the OLED model.

As well, if you haven’t been able to get your Nintendo Switch OLED an in-store restock is expected.

Hopefully more stock of the Nintendo Switch OLED will be available as the Holidays season gets closer.

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El Pablo

Tuesday 5th of October 2021

Check the tweet your posted from GameStop homie. It’s say they will ship a couple days before launch, not after.