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When is Rebirth Island Coming Back to Warzone?

Warzone Season 4 has finally arrived but Rebirth Island is nowhere to be seen – when is the map coming back?

While Rebirth Island has never been Warzone’s main map, it has a dedicated player base of Warzone fans who prefer some faster-paced gameplay.

However, out of all of the major changes in Warzone Season 4, the least popular one was to remove Rebirth Island from the game.

Luckily, it is only leaving temporarily to put the spotlight on the new Fortune’s Keep Warzone map and will be returning to the game very soon.

But when will Rebirth Island actually return to the game?

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Fortune’s Keep vs Rebirth Island Alcatraz Comparison Side-by-Side - New Warzone Map

When Will Rebirth Island Return in Warzone Season 4?

Activision has already confirmed that Rebirth Island will be playable in Warzone Season 4 but when will the map come back into the playlist rotation?

The Warzone Fortune’s Keep Cash Extraction event should keep players happy but big fans of the Rebirth Island map are certainly disappointed that their favorite map isn’t playable at the start of Season 4.

However, it will definitely be returning in the near future. What’s more, we know exactly when it will be coming back as well as some info about a scary new game mode coming to Rebirth Island.

The upcoming Rebirth of the Dead LTM will bring Zombies to Rebirth Island!

Rebirth Island Warzone

Activision has already confirmed that Rebirth Island will return to Warzone next week! It will be added back into the game as part of the weekly playlist update on June 30.

Also, check out this Rebirth Island vs Fortune’s Keep Side by Side Comparison to see the differences between the maps!

Additionally, find out how to unlock the new Warzone Season 4 weapons. These will be shaking up the meta in Caldera and Rebirth Island!

What’s more, while Fortune’s Keep is around, you’ll want to know how to do all of the new Easter Eggs!

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