Fortnite players eagerly await the return of Ranked, with the developers temporarily turning off the competitive mode due to issues with the servers.

This unexpected setback has left players unable to climb the leaderboards. The introduction of Ranked mode had proven to be a success, garnering popularity among the Battle Royale community.

Now, with anticipation at its peak, players anxiously await the mode’s return so they can once again board the Battle Bus and continue to ascend the ranks.

When Is Ranked Returning to Fortnite?

It is currently unknown when Fortnite Ranked Mode will return to the game, as Epic Games is still working to address the server issues. Ranked Mode could potentially become available again at any moment.

The developers attempted to reintroduce the mode, but unfortunately, they had to disable it again due to persistent issues. Once the mode officially comes back, we will be sure to update this article.

Why Was Ranked Disabled in Fortnite?

Server issues are rendering Ranked unplayable, forcing the developers to disable the mode while looking for a fix.

The recent update, v25.10, released on June 20, seems to be the source of these problems. Players have encountered numerous issues when attempting to play in Ranked matches since the implementation of the update.

These problems involve connectivity issues, game crashes, premature match terminations, and even instances where matches fail to start.

The update looks to have introduced bugs or glitches that are negatively impacting the stability and functionality of the Ranked mode.

Fortnite Ranked disabled message
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