If you want to catch Guzzlord in Pokemon GO, there’s no better time to do it than during the upcoming Raid Hours where it is featured!

Every week in Pokemon GO, Raid Hour events give players plenty of chances to catch whichever Pokemon is in Tier 5 Raids at that time. Usually, this is a Legendary Pokemon, but the next couple of Raid Hours will feature a new Ultra Beast!

Here are the dates for both of the upcoming Guzzlord Raid Hours! Also, make sure to check the November 2022 Pokemon GO Raid Hours schedule to find out the other Ultra Beast appearing this month.

Pokemon GO Guzzlord Raid Guide

Pokemon GO Guzzlord Raid Hour Dates & Times

There are two different Raid Hours featuring Guzzlord in Pokemon GO during November 2022 – they are on November 9 and November 16. On both of these dates, the Raid Hour will be taking place from 6 PM – 7 PM local time.

During both of these Raid Hours, Guzzlord Raids will be happening much more frequently. This gives players plenty of opportunities to catch Guzzlord – if you’re lucky, you may even get one with perfect IVs!

Just make sure to look out for Ultra Wormholes above Gyms. Wherever you see an Ultra Wormhole, a Guzzlord Raid will be taking place in that location.

Read our Pokemon GO Guzzlord Raid guide to find out how to easily defeat this Ultra Beast! That way, you won’t waste any of your hard-earned Raid Passes.

Pokemon GO Guzzlord Raid Hour Dates

Also, there’s plenty more for Pokemon GO players to look forward to this month. Here’s the November 2022 Legendary and Mega Raid Schedule for Pokemon GO!

There are loads of in-game events taking place in the coming weeks as well. The November 2022 Pokemon GO event calendar has plenty of dates for you to put in your diary!

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