Raven Software’s decision to remove the Duos game mode from the playlist has left Warzone 2 players feeling frustrated.

The removal of specific squad limits in the Battle Royale has meant that many gamers who usually play with one friend cannot play together.

Release Date for Duos Return in Warzone 2

Players can expect Battle Royale Duos to return to Warzone 2 on May 24, 2023. This was confirmed by the development team, who released a full schedule of the Warzone 2 playlists for the coming weeks.

However, players can squad up with their partner earlier on May 17 as Massive Resurgence Duos will be added.

Currently, players will have to take a trip to Ashika Island instead. This is because Ashika Resurgence Duos is the only mode in this format available in the current game mode playlist.

Warzone 2 Players Unhappy Duos Was Removed

Members of the Warzone community have now started asking why certain modes keep being removed from the game.

The decision to remove Duos has not gone down well with the fanbase. The developers’ continuous removal of certain squad limits has caused confusion among its players.

One person responded to CharlieIntel’s tweet explaining why it has left them disappointed.

Meanwhile, another player echoes this sentiment by tweeting Call of Duty themselves.


Throughout this time, one gamer appears to be particularly frustrated with this decision.

The removal of certain squad sizes can be an annoying occurence and especially for those who frequent those modes.

For example, if a duo wants to play together, they will have to have a random stranger on their team or load into a Trios match with just two members on their squad.

This makes the gameplay experience a lot less fun so hopefully Raven Software can keep all four squad sizes as permanent choices in the future.

If playing in another mode type doesn’t interest you, players could even hop into DMZ to level up their Battle Pass without doing a thing!

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