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FIFA 23 Ratings Reveal Date Estimate & How They’re Decided

FIFA 23 is looking to have one of the most elite rosters in recent years, so it’s essential to know how they decide their ratings.

These ratings are what separate the great from the world-class. Many gamers will use it to decide which players to pick for their FIFA Ultimate Teams.

So knowing the ins and out of the rating system can help you understand what to expect from FIFA 23. Here is everything you need to know about the FIFA 23 rating and when you can expect to see them.

FIFA 23 Gameplay

Previous FIFA Rating Reveal Dates

Previous FIFA titles revealed their ratings on the following dates:

FIFARating RevealRelease DateDays Before Release
FIFA 22September 17, 2021September 27, 202110 Days
FIFA 21September 10, 2020October 6, 202019 Days
FIFA 20September 9, 2019September 24, 201915 Days
FIFA 19September 12, 2018September 28, 201816 Days
FIFA 18September 11, 2017September 29, 201718 Days
FIFA 17August 29, 2016September 27, 201629 Days
FIFA 16September 4, 2015September 22, 201518 Days
FIFA 15September 7, 2014September 18, 201411 Days
FIFA 14September 5, 2013September 23, 201318 Days
FIFA 13August 31, 2012September 25, 201225 Days
FIFA 12September 21, 2011September 27, 20116 Days

FIFA 23 Ratings Reveal Date Prediction

Based on past releases, we expect the FIFA 23 ratings to release around September 16, 2022. This would be 11 days before the release date.

One pattern spotted in previous rating reveals is that they always happened on weekdays and never on a weekend.

September 16 is on a Friday this year, which would match the day of the week FIFA 22 ratings were revealed. Since FIFA 23 and FIFA 22 share very similar release schedules, we expect FIFA 23 to have a similar rating release date.

EA usually releases the ratings on their official website. You can see the rating database for FIFA 22 here.

Once the ratings are officially announced, this article will be updated.

One thing that has been confirmed is the complete overhaul that the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team chemistry system is getting.

How are FIFA Ratings Calculated?

FIFA develops its ratings through The Ratings Collective, a talent scouting network that observes every player closely to accurately translate their skills into the latest FIFA.

This collective is composed of over 6,000 different talent scouts that are constantly updating the database.

The Ratings Collective takes over 30 different attributes into consideration when monitoring a player and divides them up into six different categories:

  • Pace
  • Shooting Accuracy
  • Passing
  • Dribbling
  • Defensive Abilities
  • Physicality
Messi Card Stats FIFA 22
Messi Card in FIFA 22

Each of these is rated on the player’s FIFA card, and the overall of them is what makes up their final FIFA Overall Rating.

It’s actually possible to join the Ratings Collective and aid EA with their future ratings. You’ll just need to head to their official website and apply to be a Data Reviewer.

If not, you can also follow the official FIFA Ratings Collective Twitter here.

But if you’re hoping to see the ratings for your favorite team, you might be disappointed to find out there are some teams that won’t be returning in FIFA 23.

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