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When Does Warzone Pacific Season 2 Start? Season 1 End Date

Warzone Pacific Season 1 is well underway, but when does Season 2 start?

Warzone took a step in a new direction with the Pacific update going live around the globe on 9th December 2021. While the update brought a lot of new weapons and Operators, it also added a brand new map Caldera to the game.

Most players have had the time to experience the new map and test out different meta weapons’ loadouts as well. But, many in the community find Caldera boring and want Verdansk back in the Warzone playlists.

With the mid-season update going live earlier this week, the question remains when does Warzone Pacific Season 2 start?

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warzone pacific season 1 end date

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Release Date

According to the official Warzone Pacific Season 1 Battle Pass, the season will end on February 1, 2022. And if the past is any indication, then Warzone Pacific Season 2 should launch right after Season 1’s end.

With that in mind, we expect Warzone Pacific Season 2’s release date to be February 2, 2022.

However, keep in mind that delays around the launch of big updates are common. If you’re still leveling up your guns then make sure to do so before the season ends while the fast weapons level-up glitch is still active in Warzone.

With just a couple of weeks left before Season 1 comes to a close, it won’t be a surprise that Raven Software is already working on the next season’s contents. Here’s a list of things Warzone players can expect with the launch of Pacific Season 2:

  • New weapons
  • New Operators
  • Weapon balance changes
  • Bug fixes
  • New game modes
  • Exciting new Battle Pass rewards

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warzone pacific caldera season 2 start date

The hype around new seasons is great to get new players into the game. Although, it would be wise if Raven Software decides to introduce the 7 biggest changes Warzone needs in 2022 to keep the players happy.

Seeing how players are using the inbuilt aimbot in the planes and destroying their lobbies, Warzone fans also want a nerf to the fighter planes in the next update.

Finally, if you’re still figuring out which is the best in Warzone, we’ve got you covered:

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