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When Does Vanguard Royale Playlist Return in Warzone Pacific?

A lot of players are missing their favorite Vanguard Royale game mode in Warzone Pacific but when will the playlist return?

One of the most unexpected highlights of the new Vanguard integration with Warzone was the addition of Vanguard Royale. A fresh take on the Battle Royale playlist, with only Vanguard weapons available, made Caldera feel like a fresh experience.

Of course, it’s not for everyone. Snipers feel relatively useless, there’s a much heavier focus on positioning, and Warzone players hate the OP planes that zip around the map.

Vanguard Royale

But there’s no denying that it’s nice to have everyone on a more even playing field once again. Unless someone is using one of Warzone’s best meta weapons for Caldera, you don’t have to worry about the Verdansk sweats who have spent 100’s of hours on the old map.

Although there are a lot of players calling for Verdansk to return to Warzone in the future, Vanguard Royale is definitely the playlist that Caldera needed to differentiate itself.

But now, the playlist is missing, causing many fans to ask when Vanguard Royale will return to Warzone Pacific.

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When Will Vanguard Royale Playlists Be Back in Warzone?

If you’re missing Vanguard Royale in the latest Warzone Pacific update, don’t worry. The playlist will soon return, though not like it was before.

This week, Vanguard Royale is missing from the Warzone modes list. However, the Vanguard Royale Quads playlist will return to Warzone Pacific on January 20.

But even that will be leaving again the following week.

The current schedule on the Warzone Trello board indicates that the old Vanguard mode available in the week of January 27 will be Resurgence Trios.

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Warzone Caldera

For whatever reason, Raven Software doesn’t want Warzone fans enjoying Vanguard Royale modes right now. And many fans are unhappy with this decision.

Don’t miss out on this new way to level up Vanguard weapons fast in Warzone Pacific – best done in the new Vanguard Plunder mode!

Meanwhile, Warzone cheaters with Silent Aim and aimbots just got a big nerf to their damage in-game. And cheaters are hilariously kicking off at the developer for the change.

If you’re jumping into Warzone today, don’t bother trying to unlock the broken Welgun right now. It appears that the challenge is bugged, but a fix is on the way.

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Gian Raptor

Thursday 20th of January 2022

I don't play the game if Vanguard royale or Resurgence aren't available!! But today is the 20th of January and until now, nothing happened