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When Does Modern Warfare Season 1 End?

Here's when Modern Warfare Season 1 ends.
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Since the launch of Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward has continued to support the game with post-launch content. The first major DLC arrived towards the start of December. Now, fans have one thing on their minds: when does Modern Warfare Season 1 end?

Season 1 has delivered plenty of new content, including a plethora of new maps and modes. Crash and Shoot House launched at the beginning of December, while Shipment and Vacant were available later on in the season. In addition to new maps, various different Spec-Ops experiences arrived alongside three new modes.

While all content part of this season has now released, fans are beginning to wonder what’s next.

Modern Warfare Season 1 End Date

Infinity Ward is yet to officially confirm a date, although prior information might give us clue. There’s also a chance that the end date will be extended – but that’s far from confirmed.

When does Modern Warfare Season 1 end? A while back, data miners who revealed the vast majority of Battle Pass tiers, mentioned that the season will end on January 28 at 10AM PT. It’s important to note that they were also accurate on the December 3rd start date.

However, the in-game store claims that the Battle Pass will be reset on February 3rd at 10AM PST. That’s equivalent to 6PM for those who reside in the UK.

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With both dates contrary to each other, it’s unclear as to when Modern Warfare Season 1 will end. But one thing which is most likely certain is that the end date will be towards the end of January or the start of February.

Modern Warfare Season 1

The developers will likely share more information about the Modern Warfare Season 1 end date closer to the next major content drop. In the meantime, you can try out the free content this season has to offer, including new maps Shipment and Vacant.

UPDATE – January 16th, 2020:

Modern Warfare Season 1 is set to end on February 11th, 2020, Infinity Ward has confirmed. The end date was delayed due to time restrictions.

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