Private Matches have been announced to come to Warzone 2, but when will they be added to the game?

The addition of Private Matches will be a key feature for setting up Warzone 2 tournaments and for content creators who want to play against their viewers.

And if you can gather enough friends, you can set a Private Match up against them. This will truly decide who takes home the bragging rights!

When Will Private Matches Be Added to Warzone 2?

Private Matches have been confirmed to come to Warzone 2 in early 2023. In a call with Warzone 2 content creators, the developers announced plans for custom lobbies are underway and will come sometime in the new year.

While Infinity Ward is yet to provide a date, it is likely they will add it in the next major update in Warzone 2 Season 2. Wednesday, 1 February 2023, is when we are expecting Season 2 to drop.

What Settings Can I Set Up in Warzone 2 Private Matches?

At the moment, the Warzone 2 developers have yet to confirm what settings will be available when creating private lobbies. However, based on the modes you were able to set up in the OG Warzone, these could be ones featured in the game:

  • Battle Royale – Min. 50 Players
  • Plunder – Min. 30 Players
  • Mini Royale – Min. 24 Players
Warzone 2 Gulag fight

We have already seen Mini-Royale added to the Warzone 2 playlists, and while Plunder is currently not in the game, there have been some hints towards Plunder returning to Warzone 2.

Third Person modes are also likely to be an option when setting up a Private Match. This new gameplay option has recently become a hot topic, with Infinity Ward removing Third Person from the Warzone 2 rotation.

Warzone 2 Adding Codes To Join Custom Lobbies

A big addition coming to Private Matches is the ability to create a code for people to join. This new feature will make creating custom lobbies much easier.

It will also prevent people who you do not want in the game from joining!

The latest Warzone 2 update has nerfed and buffed a ton of weapons! Make sure to check out all the weapon changes.

And if you don’t already own MW2 Multiplayer, Infinity Ward has announced an MW2 Multiplayer Free Access Trial!

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