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What to Do Before Selling Your PS4 or Xbox One Consoles

Now that you have a shiny new next-gen console, you may no longer need its predecessor. But before you commit to selling your PS5 or Xbox One, there are some things you should consider – and things you may want to do.

Your first decision is between selling your PS4 or Xbox One or finding a new home for them. You may decide to do nothing at all, keeping your older console and letting it live alongside your newer one.

But as the PS5 and Xbox Series X have made a significant effort to be backwards compatible, your older machine may now be redundant. After all, the PS5 is capable of operating as a PS4 in many ways. And the same goes for the Xbox Series X with the Xbox One.

Moving Instead of Selling PS4 or Xbox Series X

Then what else could you do? Could another area of your house benefit from the presence of a PS4 or Xbox One console?

Could you simply relegate your PS4 or Xbox One to another room? Do you have a home office, man/woman-cave where you like to get away for some peace, quiet or gaming?

Let’s imagine your PS5 or Xbox Series X is now situated in your primary gaming space, be this your front room or elsewhere. Do you have a secondary area that could do with a gaming upgrade?

It may be time to allow one of your offspring to get a console in their bedroom finally. This way, you don’t need to watch them play Fortnite for 5 hours a day during lockdown.

Let’s not forget, both consoles are still impressive pieces of kit; if you own the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X model, then it’s also capable of 4K.

Do you still have a PS3 or Xbox 360 sitting somewhere which could now be replaced by something more modern? Perhaps being used as a Blu-ray or steaming box?

ps4 v8

Trading in Your PS4 or Xbox One

Another option is to trade your older consoles in. This may be an effective way to knock a few dollars off your PS5 or Xbox Series X by selling your PS4 or Xbox One as a part exchange.

But do the savings justify the trade-in? It may be better to sell your old console privately, as this may yield a better return.

Also, if you trade your old console in for the new one, you won’t be able to transfer from one console to the other. Of course, you can do this manually, but it could be more of a hassle.

Your save games may live in the cloud, and the game title data to your account or disk. But seamlessly transferring your entire profile may be preferable.

Privately Selling your PS4 or Xbox One

Selling your PS4 or Xbox One on your own way may earn you more money. Trade-in discounts are notoriously low.

It also allows you to benefit from the functions like the PS5’s data transfer between it and the PS4. You also then have the freedom to sell your PS4 or Xbox One when you’re ready to do so.

Remember, it’s still worth selling your PS4 and Xbox One consoles. They do fetch a decent sum of money, but the longer you wait, the less they’ll be worth.

So, if you’re going to sell, now is the time to do it. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are worth considerably more than the vanilla models.  

xbox series x

What If You Own Both Consoles?

Some gamers like to buy both the Xbox and PlayStation consoles to enjoy the exclusives on both. This offers a variety of options now next-gen has arrived.

If you’re someone who owns a PS4 and an Xbox One, it may be worth selling one and keeping the other.

For example, if you buy a PS5 now, you can then sell your PS4. But keep your Xbox One until you need to upgrade it to the Xbox Series X/S.

This way, you can continue enjoying the exclusives while they release on both generations. At least until Microsoft phase of the Xbox One entirely in a few years.

If you bought an Xbox Series X at launch, you could use the same tactic. But remember, not all next-gen games will receive a last-gen version.

Preparing Your Console for Sale

Don’t forget though, your PS4 can do some things your PS5 can’t. The PS5 is still missing some features since it launched. So if you’re a regular user of the PS4’s media player you’re likely to be without this feature for some time on PS5.

Let’s say you decide selling your PS4 or Xbox One is the way to go. What now?

Well, first we’d advise you to make sure any games or save data you have is backed up. Games you own through PSN or Xbox Live Marketplace will already be available via your account.

But save data may need backing up to a portable device or to the relevant cloud. Especially if you’re planning on playing this game again on your next console through its backwards compatibility option.

Make sure you make all the back-ups you need to before selling your PS4 or Xbox One console. Not everything is backed up by Sony or Microsoft. For example, none-PS Plus customer don’t get cloud storage from PSN.

We’d recommend including at least one official PS4 controller and all relevant cables with your PS4 cable. Also, consider the condition your console is in before you sell it. If it’s seen better days, it may not be worth it.

Finally, you’ll want to take your console back to factory settings. This way it’s as good as new from the next owner and free of any data connecting it to you or your accounts.

Here’s how to restore your PS4 to factory settings. Or how do you restore your Xbox One to factory settings.

Just make sure when you send your console to its new owner, you take more care than these retailers did with PS5 consoles.

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