Here’s a list of all the things you shouldn’t miss out on, after finishing The Indigo Disk DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

So you’ve come to the end of your Gen 9 adventure, culminating in the (relatively disappointing) end of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.

Well the good news is that your adventure isn’t over quite yet! There are several secrets that the new DLC has for you to experience – here’s what you should do next, besides completing the Pokedex!

Everything to Do After Finishing The Indigo Disk

Return to The Crystal Lake

There’s a secret epilogue that many fans miss after finishing The Indigo Disk, and it involves Kitakami’s Crystal Lake.

Head back to The Teal Mask’s DLC area and take Terapagos to the Crystal Lake at the top of Kitakami’s mountain range.

Secret Professor Epilogue in Pokemon The Indigo Disk

There you’ll get a new cutscene where Professor Sada or Turo briefly appears, allowing you to meet them in person for the first time.

You’ll also be able to swap Briar’s books with them, giving you the opportunity to own the real Scarlet or Violet book.

Secret Journal in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Down in the newly-unlocked lab in the depths of Area Zero, you can even read the Professor’s journal, where it states a child gave them a white book. Mystery solved – it was you the whole time.

Unlock the Ability to Fly

Once you’re in the endgame of The Indigo Disk, head to Classroom 3-2 and talk to Amarys to unlock infinite flight for your Koraidon or Miraidon!

You’ll now have the power to soar around Blueberry Academy, Paldea, and Kitakami at will, for as long as you choose. It makes getting around far easier, so be sure to do it as soon as possible.

Flying Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet Violet the Indigo Disk

And when testing out your new power of flight, why not head straight up?

Head to the Top of the Terarium

Right at the top of Blueberry Academy’s Terarium there are three special items waiting for you. It’ll take at least two minutes of straight flying, so be sure to permanently unlock the ability to fly first.

Flying to the Top of the Terarium

Then, head straight up and land on top of the Terarium’s core to find an Ability Patch, Gold Bottle Cap, and 50 Stellar Tera Shards waiting for you! Not a bad reward for your time!

Catch the Starter Pokemon

Game Freak’s decision to bring all the starter Pokemon back in The Indigo Disk was a popular one, but if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen them yet, there’s a good reason for that.

By heading to the League Club Room and interacting with the PC, you have the option to add new Pokemon to each of the four biomes – for an insane 3000 BP apiece!

Boost Biodiversity in Pokemon Scarlet Violet DLC

You’d better get saving though, as it’s this upgrade that adds the iconic starters to each region.

Here’s a rundown of which starter Pokemon come with each of the four distinct biome upgrades:

  1. Canyon Biome
    • Chespin
    • Litten
    • Squirtle
    • Tepig
    • Treecko
    • Turtwig
  2. Coastal Biome
    • Bulbasaur
    • Chikorita
    • Froakie
    • Grookey
    • Mudkip
    • Popplio
starter pokemon the indigo disk
  1. Polar Biome
    • Chimchar
    • Cyndaquil
    • Oshawott
    • Piplup
    • Scorbunny
    • Torchic
  2. Savannah Biome
    • Charmander
    • Fennekin
    • Rowlet
    • Sobble
    • Snivy
    • Totodile

Find All the Legendary Pokemon

Completing BBQs is great for earning BP but there’s an additional benefit too! For every 10 BPs you complete, you’ll be able to get another snack from Snacksworth in the Blueberry Academy Entrance.

Snacksworth Pokemon The Indigo Disk

Each snack corresponds with a different Legendary Pokemon, which will then appear around Paldea.

Here’s where to find all classic Legendary Pokemon on the Scarlet & Violet map!

Returning Legendary Pokemon The Indigo Disk

Unfortunately, the Legendary snacks you receive appear to be random. You can get them all, but after the first 13 you’ll need to complete Group Quests instead, which require trainers to partner up in Multiplayer.

These Group Quests will appear after completing a number of BBQs while playing with other users, and will also grant a large amount of BP for those who finish them.

Thankfully, just one Group Quest will be enough to unlock a new Legendary snack.

Discover the Secret of Meloetta

And it’s not just Legendary Pokemon that become available to catch in The Indigo Disk! The Mythical Pokemon Meloetta is just waiting to be found, though there’s a secret method to locate it.

Meloetta in The Indigo Disk in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Here’s where to find Meloetta and the secret technique to get it to spawn in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Beat the Secret Boss

That’s right, Blueberry Academy has a secret boss to take on – one final fight after you’ve already proven yourself.

But to unlock it, you’ll first have to invite 10 coaches to Blueberry Academy using the League Club Room computer.

Invite Gym Leaders to Blueberry Academy

If you battle them three times each, you’ll get the chance to trade a Pokemon with them. However, you only have to invite them three times – the battle is only mandatory the first time!

After this is done, you’ll be able to purchase The Secret Boss of Blueberry Academy for 10 BP.

The Secret Boss of Blueberry Academy Pokemon

The secret boss turns out to be none other than Director Cyrano himself, and there’s one hell of a fight waiting for you when you’re prepared to take him on.

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