The song at the end of episode 6 of The Last of Us is a cover of ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ by Depeche Mode.

If this song seems similar, it’s because it was also played at the end of Episode 1. While the song has been featured twice in the show, different versions of the song have been played.

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The original version of “Never Let Me Down Again” was played on the radio in the first episode. However, in episode 6 it was a more somber and slow-paced rendition.

The change of pace was to emphasize just how big of a bond the pair of Joel and Ellie have created as Ellie becomes visibly upset when Joel passes out on the ground.

Joel and Ellie in Episode 6 of The Last of Us

Ellie tells Joel that she won’t be able to make it without him after months on the road together.

The pair have built a formidable bond with Ellie seeing Joel as her best friend. She intends to make her way to The Fireflies camp but can not make the trip without him.

While he doesn’t explicitly say it, early in the episode, it becomes clear how much Ellie means to Joel as well based on his panic attacks.

Furthermore, the lyrics “I’m taking a ride with my best friend, I hope he never lets me down again” play.

Again, this points towards the close bond the two traveling companions have formed.

While we can’t seem to find the episode 6 version, you can also listen to the original song on YouTube here:

Or you can add it to your Spotify playlist:

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