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What is Warzone’s Most Popular Gun? Top Weapons Revealed

A new website has revealed Warzone’s Most popular gun, along with the most popular meta loadouts for the best weapons.

Warzone is all about the guns. Players are always desperate to find the most powerful, meta weapons to give them the best chance of winning.

Luckily for players, they can now use a new website to see Warzone’s most popular gun. It also shows the best loadouts for all of the weapons too.

Warzone Verdansk

The WZ Ranked website also has a number of trackers that players can use to see detailed statistics about their games. This includes their Gulag win rate, headshot ratio and KD ratio.

To get access to this, players will have to make their account stats public. This can be done in the COD mobile app or on the Call of Duty website.

Warzone players can also learn how to find out their SBMM level here.

What is Warzone’s Top Weapon?

It is no surprise that the totally overpowered MAC-10 SMG is currently the most popular gun in Warzone. Over 17% of players are currently using it as their primary weapon.

Even after the MAC-10 got nerfed, and the stupidly overpowered pay-to-win blueprint was fixed, its time-to-kill is still extremely good. Just make sure that you are using the best MAC-10 loadout for Warzone as attachments make a huge difference.

Mac-10 Warzone Most Popular Gun

The website also reveals that many players have gone back to an old favorite sniper rifle recently.

The Kar98k is currently the second most popular gun in Warzone. Players love the gun’s quick ADS speed and one-shot-kill headshots.

However, the Kar98k might not be for you as only Cold War snipers can have no scope glint in Warzone. Find out how to get no scope glint on a 20x scope in Warzone.

Kar98k Warzone

The Kilo 141 is another weapon that seemingly won’t go away even after a big nerf to its damage. Despite the worse long-range damage, over 8% of players still use the Kilo, making it Warzone’s third most popular gun.

Make sure you are using the best Kilo 141 loadout for Warzone.

Kilo 141 Warzone

In 4th place is another assault rifle, but this one hits extremely hard up close. It seems strange why it only comes in 4th place as it is the most overpowered gun in Warzone at the moment.

Be sure to visit to see loads of Warzone stats including the most popular gun, best loadouts, and detailed individual game data.

Meanwhile, cheating is still a huge problem in Warzone. Activision banned 60,000 players last week, however, players are still encountering loads of cheaters in their games.

Also, a leak has revealed the next operator coming to Cold War and Warzone for Season 2. She will definitely be familiar to Zombies fans.

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