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What Is Warzone 2 & MW2 Update 1.13? Patch Notes

The MW2 & Warzone 2 1.13 update is 500MB in size on consoles and 2GB on PC. Here are the patch notes:

  • General
    • Crashes
      • Several fixes to reduce known crashes
    • Battle Pass
      • Navigation of Battle Pass has been improved including fixes for issues causing players to freeze
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where speaker names would remain on screen permanently when four or more players would talk
    • Fixed an issue with the Combat Knife that caused a visual error in the Armory
    • Fixed an issue in Gunsmith related to directional navigation
    • Fixed an issue that let players move text on attachments in Gunsmith
    • Fixed some issues that would unexpectedly close the menus
    • Fixed an issue that brought up a black screen when sometimes exiting the Firing Range
    • Fixed an issue that showed incorrect content in store bundles when previewed
    • Fixed an issue showcasing rainbow colors when going through the menus quickly
    • Fixed UI issue that had all operators doing the same execution finishing move
    • Fixed the issue causing players’ screens to go black when in the store
    • Fixed the issue causing store bundles animations to play multiple times when purchased
    • Fixed a problem where, following a purchase, the “Toronto Ultra” Bundle would appear even if a different Bundle had been bought
    • Fixed issue causing melee kills to not properly track
    • Fixed a problem with the Longshot Challenges tracking distance while opponents were using the Last Stand perk
  • Warzone 2.0
    • A problem that occasionally prevented match victories from contributing to Calling Card Challenges has been fixed.
    • Fixed a bug that let players gain XP after being hurt by their own suppression mine
    • Fixed a bug that let players keep the effects of Dead Silence or Battle Rage by purchasing a new Field Upgrade while a previous one was still in effect
    • A problem that let players obtain XP when using a Stim in the Gas has been fixed.
    • Fixed a problem that might result in a Player being disconnected from the game or losing functionality after interacting with a Loadout Crate
  • DMZ
    • Addressed a number of issues with functionality and flow of equipping, swapping, and previewing insured weapon slots
    • Fixed a bug where initially scrolling back down to the main loadout items was blocked when accessing a medium or large backpack’s weapon slot
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to duplicate items
    • Fixed an issue showing party players as “Not Ready”
    • Fixed an issue where dead drop locations would contain items in players’ backpack
    • Fixed a bug where holding over a locked contraband gun would cause the UI preview to show outdated weapon information
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to stay in the game longer than the initial match time
    • Fixed an issue allowing two players to get items from a supply drop when opened at the same time
MW2 Multiplayer

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