A Tier 1 Shipment playlist is now in MW2 but what is this version of the old-school COD map and what does it involve?

Shipment is one of the most popular maps in MW2, providing players with a fast-paced environment perfect for getting tons of kills.

Now, a new playlist has been added featuring this iconic map and many players might be wondering what it is.

What is Tier 1 Shipment?

Tier 1 Shipment is a 24/7 playlist for the close-quarters map except it is played in the Tier 1 format. Tier 1 is MW2’s answer to hardcore mode as players have no HUD, less health, no hit markers, and no-kill confirmation.

If you think this small map is already fast-paced, the Tier 1 version will be even faster. Also, friendly fire is enabled so be careful not to kill your own teammates!

If you want to learn more about this mode, check out our full explanation of Tier 1 in MW2.

Tier 1 Shipment Gameplay

Is Tier 1 Shipment Hardcore in MW2?

While being MW2’s version of Hardcore, Tier 1 is not quite the fan-favorite mode. Tier 1 is much more similar to the Call of Duty Campaign Realism mode.

In OG Hardcore, you would have hit markers and kill confirmation, while Tier 1 lacks these features.

However, if you wish to play a Hardcore version of Shipment, Tier 1 will be the closest way to doing so. Make sure to hop on in to complete those tough camo challenges that are made easier in Tier 1!

If Tier 1 is not your style but you still want to play on this map, The Naughty List playlist in MW2 features a special festive version!

MW2 Shipment

How To Play Tier 1 Shipment in MW2

To play Tier 1 Shipment jump into the playlist of the same name “Tier 1 Shipment“. The location of this playlist is on the MW2 Multiplayer main menu.

In the Featured section when selecting your playlist, scroll across and you will find this version of 24/7 Shipment.

Alternatively, you can head into the regular Tier 1 playlist. Although it is not a guarantee to get this map in every game, unlike the new 24/7 option.

Tier 1 Shipment Playlist

If you are heading into this map to grind towards Orion camo, here are tips for completing a couple of these challenges:

Also, new theories of the presence of skill-based damage in MW2 have been popping up. However, it seems there is now proof of whether or not it is in the FPS game!

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