Fortnite’s latest addition to the emote collection, Fast Flex, has caught the attention of players who are eager to know the accompanying song.

The game is known for incorporating popular musicians. As an example, Fortnite recently joined forces with the K-Pop group BTS to create the highly popular “Run It Up” emote.

And now, it appears they have partnered with yet another artist. If you’re curious about the latest soundtrack and who is behind the song for the new Fast Flex emote, we’ve got you covered.

What Song Plays When You Use the Fast Flex Emote in Fortnite?

“BILLS PAID” by DJ Khaled, featuring Latto and City Girls, accompanies the Fast Flex emote in Fortnite. DJ Khaled’s album titled “GOD DID,” released in 2022, includes this track.

When you choose to use the Fast Flex emote during gameplay, the censored version of this song will be played in Fortnite, with any explicit language removed.

However, if you wish to listen to the full and original version of this song, you can listen below on:

How Much Does the Fast Flex Cost in Fortnite

The Fast Flex emote accompanied with its song in Fortnite will cost 500 V-Bucks to purchase. If you don’t already have this amount in your V-Bucks balance, you will need to buy the 1,000 V-Bucks pack.

This will set you back €7.99/$7.99/£6.49 and provides you with the necessary V-Bucks to acquire the emote.

Fast Flex in Fortnite Shop

Once you have bought Fast Flex in Fortnite and want to hear the song, make sure to select it as part of your presets over in “Locker.” After setting it up, head into a match and press the following buttons:

  • PlayStation & Xbox:
    • Press Down on the D-Pad.
    • Use the Right-Analog stick to navigate emotes.
    • Press X on PlayStation and A on Xbox to choose the emote.
  • PC:
    • Press the B key on your keyboard.
    • Use your mouse to choose the desired dance.

You can see this dance in action in the video below:

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