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What is the Max Level in Gotham Knights?

Gotham Knights introduces the Bat Family to Skill Points and RPG mechanics, so it makes sense that there would be a Max Level Cap.

In any RPG, there is always some sort of skill tree where you spend skill points to gain new abilities. Gotham Knights is no different.

Although, reaching the Max Level Cap in Gotham Knights works a bit differently than in most games.

The Bat Family in Gotham Knights

What is the Max Level Cap in Gotham Knights?

The max level cap in Gotham Knights is 30 for a normal playthrough, and 40 for anyone that has already started a New Game+.

So to reach the true max level, you’ll need to play through the entire game at least once and then start a second playthrough. During your first playthrough, you’ll only be able to reach Level 30.

You will still be able to obtain XP for your characters, but it won’t really be much use since you are capped at Level 30 until you reach New Game+.

Your current character level will transfer between all four playable members of the Bat Family. This means that when one character reaches level 15, all of the other three also reach level 15.

Batgirl in Gotham Knights

This means that you will not need to level up each character individually to the max level cap. So it’s worth knowing how to quickly switch between characters and which ones are better to start off with.

Leveling up will only allow you to obtain skill points to unlock new abilities. If you’re hoping to increase your stats, then you’ll need to craft better gear.

Can You Respec Your Skill Points in Gotham Knights?

No, unfortunately, you can not respec your character level in Gotham Knights. This means that you should plan out how to use your skill points carefully.

The only way to start from 0 would be to start a completely new game.

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Gotham Knights Ability Tree

Does Max Level Give You Every Skill in Gotham Knights?

Yes, although you will still be short a few ability points to unlock every skill even when you reach the max level, the remaining skills can be unlocked through obtaining collectibles and completing personal stories for each character – two actions that also reward AP.

This still holds true even when you reach the true max level of 40 in New Game+.

So if you’re looking to 100% Gotham Knights, then it might be best to wait until you’re on your second playthrough to gather all the collectibles.

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