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How to Fuse Arrows & Weapons in TOTK

Why use a regular branch when you can fuse a boulder to it?

If you ever wondered what would happen if Link combined his arrows with a fire bomb, then the new Legend of Zelda: TOTK mechanic, Fuse, is here to show you.

This new mechanic will introduce a completely new way for players to approach combat and use their creativity as a weapon.

But to use it to the best of its abilities, players will need to understand exactly what it is and how to use it.

How to Fuse Arrows in Tears of the Kingdom

To fuse arrows with objects in Tears of the Kingdom you will need to:

  1. Press the right-directional button on the D-pad to bring out your bow and arrow.
  2. Draw your bowstring and aim your arrow.
  3. Press up on the D-pad to bring up a list of items you can attach to your arrows.
    • To fuse items with your arrow, the material needs to be in your inventory.
  4. Highlight the object you want to fuse with.
  5. Press A to fuse the item with your arrow.
TOTK Fuse Frozen Arrows

How to Fuse Weapons in TOTK

To fuse weapons in Tears of the Kingdom, you need to highlight an object and choose whether to fuse it to your Shield or Weapon by pressing ZL or Y.

  1. Equip the Weapon/Shield you want to Fuse.
  2. Press L to highlight the object in the game.
    • The material you wish to Fuse with needs to be out in the environment for you to use it. It can not be in your inventory.
  3. Once the object is highlighted, two new prompts appear on your screen.
    • Press ZL to attach the object to your shield.
    • Press Y to attach the object to your weapon.
  4. When the items are fused, you will see a marker showing how much the weapon’s power has increased.

Once you Fuse an item, the property of your weapon will change. If you’re not happy with the results, then there are ways to Unfuse these items and return your weapon to its normal state.

Fuse Tears of the Kingdom Weapon

Having Fused weapons will allow players to conquer the challenges in Hyrule more easily and aid them in their search for all the Skyview Towers.

You will now have an arrow with a special property you can use once. After you’ve shot this arrow, it will consume the object you fused with.

How to Unlock Fuse Ability

Players will unlock this ability at the beginning of the game when they visit the In-Isa Shrine on the Great Sky Island.

This is the second shrine players will visit during the tutorial portion of Tears of the Kingdom. Thankfully, it’s part of the main story in the game, so there is no way to miss this shrine.

This means players can explore this new ability relatively early on and see how it can help them on their journey through Hyrule.

What is the Fuse Ability?

The Fuse ability is a new mechanic in the Legend of Zelda: TOTK that allows players to merge different objects in-game with their weapons to produce new gear with various properties.

Even the most basic weapons can fuse with an item or enemy drop to give it qualities that rival some of the most powerful gear Link can find.

Fuse Ability Legend of Zelda

Certain materials can change weapon properties and noticeably increase the effectiveness of your weapons. Here are a few important things to note when scavenging for materials:

  • When you Fuse a weapon with materials, it will enhance your base weapon/shield.
    • This means it’ll increase the gear’s overall attack, range, or defense.
  • Zonai Devices are special materials that players can find that drastically change the property of their weapon.
    • These materials usually have limited use, indicated by a battery icon in your HUD.
  • When you fuse a weapon with a boulder, its bluntness increases, allowing you to chip away at stones that may block your path.
    • This also removes its sharpness, meaning you’ll need to unfuse it from the boulder if you want a weapon to cut down items.
  • Certain monster parts and plants can fuse with your weapons, giving them a unique effect.
  • Other materials like gems will sometimes give your weapons elemental properties.

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