There is no best wand in Hogwarts Legacy. Regardless of which wand customization options in Hogwarts Legacy you choose, it will not change or affect the power or abilities of your wand.

So, you should choose the options that look the best to you or replicate the appearance of the wands used by famous Harry Potter characters.

Fortunately, that means that players won’t be restricted to specific wand types. Whichever style, wood, flexibility, and wand core you pick will be the best because it’s special to you.

However, while you can’t make a wand more effective at using Hogwarts Legacy’s myriad of spells, you can replicate the look of some of the most powerful wands from across the Harry Potter series.

The wand customization options in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Make the Wands From Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy

You can replicate the wands from famous characters across the Harry Potter series by picking specific wood types, flexibility, and wand cores during the wand-picking sequence at Ollivanders.

While it won’t be an exact replica, you can create a close facsimile of Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Voldemort, and other characters’ wands this way.

Here are the wood type, flexibility, and wand cores you need to pick in order to replicate the wands of the most famous characters in the Harry Potter series:

Harry Potter CharacterWand Descriptions
Harry Potter11-inch Holly Wood with a Phoenix Feather core
Ron Weasley 14-inch Willow Wood with a Unicorn Hair core.
Hermione Granger10 3/4 inch Vine Wood with a Dragon Heartstring core
Draco Malfoy10-inch Hawthorn Wood with a Unicorn Hair core
Rubeus Hagrid16-inch Oak Wood with an unknown core. “Rather bendy.”
Minerva McGonagall9 1/2 inch Fir Wood with a Dragon Heartstring core
Lily Potter10 1/4 inch Willow wood with an unknown core. “Swishy.”
James Potter11-inch Mahogany Wood with an unknown core. “Pliable.”
Voldemort13 1/2 inch Yew Wood with a Phoenix Feather core
Bellatrix Lestrange12 3/4 inch Walnut Wood with a Dragon Heartstring core. “Unyielding.”
Credit – Windows Central
Harry Potter from the Harry Potter films holding his wand out
Credit – Warner Bros. Pictures

Fortunately, you can also unlock additional wand handles by completing some of the side quests available in Hogwarts Legacy.

These can then be used to change the visual style of your wand and make them look even more like the wands of your favorite witches and wizards.

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