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What Is the Best Vehicle in Warzone? Most Important Stats Revealed

YouTuber JGOD has tested all of the vehicles in Warzone to find out which one is best.

Warzone players can use vehicles to get across the map quickly and flee from gas that is closing in. There are currently 5 vehicles in Warzone – the Helicopter, SUV, ATV, Tac Rover, and Cargo Truck.

In a new video, Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD revealed the two most important stats for all of the vehicles in Warzone. Find out his results of the speed and damage tests.

Fastest Warzone Vehicles

The fastest vehicle in Warzone by a long distance is the helicopter. However, JGOD made some interesting discoveries with the rest of the vehicle’s speed.

If you can’t find a chopper on the ground then why not catch a helicopter mid-air using this amazing trick.

The second fastest vehicle in Warzone is, in fact, the Tac Rover, which has a top speed of 43.5 miles per hour. This is faster than the more agile ATV which clocks in at 39.8 MPH.

Slightly slower than that is the SUV, and in last place is the Cargo Truck. It only has a top speed of 34 MPH, however, it is the strongest vehicle in the game.

warzone helicopter vehicle

Strongest Warzone Vehicles

JGOD’s testing revealed that the Cargo Truck has 4000 hit points. This makes it totally overpowered in Solo Warzone matches.

The Helicopter is also a tough option with 3200 health and the SUV comes in 3rd place with 2000.

However, the Tac Rover and ATV have just 1200 and 900 hit points respectively which makes them very easy to take down. A single player can destroy either of these vehicles with one or two clips from an assault rifle.

No vehicle in the game stands a chance against Warzone’s most underrated weapon though.

Warzone Armored Royale Truck Vehicle

What Vehicle Should You Use?

Of course, the best vehicle in Warzone is the Helicopter thanks to its high speed and durability. However, landing takes a while and so it can be dangerous if enemies are around.

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Meanwhile, the SUV is the next best option to get across the map fast as it has decent speed and hit points. The Cargo Truck is also a very good option as it is the toughest vehicle, even if it is slow.

Just make sure you don’t park your Cargo Truck on a hill or it could roll back down and kill you.

However, the vehicles you should avoid if you can are the Tac Rover and ATV. They both have good speed but are way too easy to destroy in comparison to the SUV.

JGOD YouTube

Also, be sure to check out all the content coming in Warzone Season 2. There could also be a whole load of new vehicles coming to Warzone as Verdansk could be removed from the game soon.

Warzone players are currently experiencing issues with their friends list which means that they can’t invite people to their squad.

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