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What Is the Best Slosher in Splatoon 3?

Looking for the best Slosher that Splatoon 3 has to offer? Here’s everything you need to know about the weapon class:

What Is a Slosher in Splatoon?

The Slosher, also known as a bucket to some players, is a heavy-hitting weapon class in Splatoon 3 notorious for its use of a bucket to hurl large amounts of paint in a given direction at a relatively high speed.

Unlike Rollers or Shooters which suffer from damage drop-off, Sloshers will deal consistent damage no matter how far away an opponent is.

The only time a Slosher deals reduced damage is when an opponent is below the bucket-wielding player, so keep your positioning in mind! For the most part, the thrown paint is damaging enough that any Inkling or Octoling will be splatted in just two shots.

Sloshers are also excellent at coating the Splatoon 3 stages, allowing you to win Turf Wars with ease. Be sure to make sure you’re running Splatoon 3’s best settings to stay ahead of the competition!

Slosher Splatoon 3

How to Use a Slosher in Splatoon 3

  • To use a Slosher, all you need to do is press ZR to toss your bucket’s paint.

Splatoon 3’s Best Slosher

Splatoon 3’s best Slosher is the Tri-Slosher, a variant that spreads out your ink a little more than a standard slosher. Because of this, it’s far easier to hit enemies, even without perfect aim.

What’s more, the Tri-Slosher’s range is still more than enough to dispose of enemies, and while it hits for 62 damage instead of the standard Slosher’s 70, that still leaves it as a two-shot-splat.

Its Sub Weapon is Toxic Mist, not the best Sub Weapon in the game, but one that will at least create a slowing mist to hinder enemies and protect your flank.

Tri-Slosher Splatoon 3

Meanwhile, the Inkjet Special Weapon brings out a jetpack and powerful grenade launcher, allowing you deal excellent damage on opponents, while making yourself a bit of a target. Use it to support your team and you’ll be devastating the enemy ranks.

We should also give a shoutout to the standard Slosher which players will unlock at Level 4. In this game, even the base bucket is a powerhouse, and comes with both Splat Bomb and Triple Inkstrike, two exceptional sidearms.

If you’re confident in your accuracy, the regular variant could even outweigh the Tri-Slosher!

How to Unlock the Tri-Slosher

To unlock the Tri-Slosher, players will need to reach Level 10 in Splatoon 3, and spend a ticket at the weapons shop.

Here’s how to level up fast in Splatoon 3 to unlock it in no time!

Tri-Slosher Special and Subweapon

Slosher Tips & Tricks

  • The Slosher is an excellent weapon for splatting enemies that are behind cover or above you on a ledge. While the class offers excellent ink coverage, opposing players will find it hard to fire back against your incoming wall of paint, especially since they might not even be able to see you.
  • Sloshers are a medium-range option and are best used from ground level. However, dropping paint down on an enemy that can’t see you from your vantage point is a good option, even if it reduces your damage per hit.
  • Sloshers don’t have a bad rate of fire, but compared to other weapon classes, it’s definitely a little slower than we’d like. To avoid losing in 1-on-1 fights, don’t spam the fire button, instead wait until your enemy is definitely in range before throwing that ink.
  • Since Sloshers are two-hit-splats, hiding in ink and waiting for an enemy to approach could result in an easy takedown. Throwing paint ever so slightly above an enemy player will not only damage them, but it’ll cut off their escape route too, so try to aim high!

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