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What is the Best Sacred Seal in Elden Ring & Where to Find It

If you’re looking to up your Faith in Elden Ring and become the ultimate prophet, you’ll need to find the best Sacred Seal for your build.

Sacred Seals are your catalyst for all the different Incantations that you will find while exploring the Lands Between.

And like all catalysts, some may be better for certain Incantations than others. It all depends on what you’re trying to build and what sort of Incantations you are trying to cast.

One thing you will need universally is Focus Points. Make sure you have plenty of those by leveling up your Mind attribute.

Once you have it all sorted, you’ll want to find a Sacred Seal that will suit your needs, and you’ll need to know where to find it.

To help you find these Sacred Seals more easily, make sure you know where to find all the Sites of Grace. We use them as reference points throughout this article.

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Where to Find The Best Sacred Seals in Elden Ring

Finding the best Sacred Seal for your build will ultimately depend on the type of Incantations you are looking to use.

Thankfully, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Godslayer Seal

The Godslayer Seal can be found relatively early in the game after defeating Margit the Fell Omen and gaining access to Stormveil Castle.

When you start your journey to become the Elden Lord, you’ll want a seal that can cover all the bases and allow you to experiment with Incantations.

This is where the Godslayer Seal comes in. One of the best early/mid-game Sacred Seals that you will find in Elden Ring.

It will require players to have STR 4 and FAI 27, which means that they may need to do some leveling up before being able to equip it, but it’s worth the trouble.

This seal scales nicely with Faith which will be your primary source of power for Incantations and even has a passive that will boost Godslayer Incantations.

Elden Ring Godslayers Seal

Players will be able to find it at Stormveil Castle in Limgrave. Make your way to the courtyard with the flame archers.

If you’ve taken the side route, you can find this by heading to the Life Side Chamber Site of Grace and heading south towards the courtyard.

From here, you will find a staircase that leads underground to an area guarded by rats. Here you will find a door that you need Stonesword Keys to unlock.

Unlock the area, and you will find the Godslayer Seal in a chest inside.

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Godslayer Elden Ring Sacred Seal

Erdtree Seal

You’ll be able to find the Erdtree Seal at Volcano Manor in Mt. Gelmir. The Erdtree Seal is a fantastic Sacred Seal for players looking for something to get through the Elden Ring endgame areas.

It’s no secret that areas like the Consecrated Snowfield are challenging to traverse. Thankfully the Erdtree Seal can make things a lot easier.

Players will need FAI 40 to equip this seal properly, but it can reach S scaling for Faith which makes this completely worth it.

Elden Ring Erdtree Seal

Make your way to Volcano Manor, the area on the map with many buildings surrounded by magma. Make your way through until you reach the Prison Town Church Site of Grace.

Rest here and continue to make your way until you find a corpse with the Erdtree Seal. It’ll be near the Omenkiller boss fight, so be careful not to go too far, or you will initiate the fight.

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Elden Ring Erdtree Seal Location

Dragon Communion Seal

You’ll be able to find the Dragon Communion Seal at the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave in Limgrave. Getting to it might prove challenging due to the chariot you’ll encounter.

This chariot will one-shot you if you’re not careful. It’s also worth noting that the path to it will have enemies waiting in some areas.

You need to follow the chariot’s path until you reach the top. Here you will find a room where you will need to defeat a spectral paladin of sorts.

Defeat them, and they will drop the Dragon Communion Seal.

Elden Ring Dragon Communion Seal

The Dragon Communion Seal is the best seal in the game if you’re looking to build your character off of Dragon Communion Incantations.

The Sacred Seal itself will require players to have FAI 10 and ARC 10

Dragon Incantations will need to be unlocked from the Church of Dragon Communion and defeating the different Dragons in The Lands Between.

These Incantations are some of the strongest in the game and can be used to take down even the most challenging bosses!

Elden Ring Dragon Communion Seal

Golden Order Seal

Fortunately, finding this seal is relatively easy and won’t require players to fight any problematic bosses.

Just make your way to Atlus Plateau and through the front doors of Leyndell Capital towards the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace. From here, go southeast towards the cliffside of the area.

You should eventually find yourself at the Minor Erdtree Church. You’ll find the Golden Order Seal at the base of a statue.

Elden Ring Golden Order Seal

The Golden Order Seal is the best seal for players looking to create an Intelligence/Faith hybrid build.

Certain Incantations will still require players to use Intelligence. This means that players will be able to strengthen these Incantations while leveling up both Intelligence and Faith.

This Sacred Seal requires players to have 17 INT and 17 FAI.

Elden Ring Golden Order Seal

These are currently the best Sacred Seals in Elden Ring!

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