If you want to paint a wide area fast or instantly splat a hidden enemy, the best Roller in Splatoon 3 will help you accomplish those goals!

What Is a Roller in Splatoon 3?

A Splatoon Roller is a giant paint roller that can be used to coat areas in ink in record time, but they’re also deadly tools to use in combat.

Splatoon 3 brings back the Roller, and the fan-favorite weapon is more lethal than ever before this time around. Not only can many of the weapons roll over enemies for an instant splat, they also have surprising range.

Chances are, if you see a Roller coming towards you and the enemy is close, it’s already game over. But as the meta has evolved over time, players have become better at dealing with the weapon class.

With that in mind, you’ll need to adapt your playstyle and make good use of your weapon kit to truly succeed. And don’t forget to make sure you’re running Splatoon 3’s best settings to give yourself an edge!

Splatoon 3 Rollers

How to Use Rollers in Splatoon 3

  • To use the Roller to flick ink forward in a horizontal line, press ZR.
  • Jumping with pressing ZR will instead launch an ink line vertically, for more range.
  • Finally, hold down ZR to enter roll mode, where you can use the analog stick to move around the stage with your roller and instantly splat enemies.

Splatoon 3’s Best Roller

The best Roller in Splatoon 3 is the Splat Roller, thanks to its speed and powerful kit. However, those who prefer a slower, more powerful weapon may want to use the Flingza Roller instead.

Not only is the Splat Roller one of the fastest Splatoon 3 Rollers (only marginally slower than the Carbon Roller) but it also deals significant damage at close-medium range.

Splatoon 3 Best Roller

On top of that, the Curling Bomb Sub Weapon gives you an excellent way to engage enemies. Don’t forget that you can hold onto the bomb to charge it for a faster explosion, creating an opportunity to catch the opposing team off-guard.

But as good as Big Bubbler is as a Special which protects you from incoming fire, it doesn’t work well with a Roller’s close-range kit.

Splat Roller Special Weapon

Meanwhile, the Flingza Roller will cover more ground with each fling, at the expense of a longer wind-up. Thankfully, one shot will often be enough to take down an opposing player.

Complimenting its slower playstyle is the Flingza’s kit. Ink Mines can be used to watch your back, and Tenta Missiles can be used to completely decimate the enemy team.

How to Unlock Splat Roller

To unlock the Splat Roller, you’ll need to reach Level 2 in Splatoon 3. You can then spend a weapon ticket at Ammo Knights to get your hands on the game’s first Roller.

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How to Unlock Flingza Roller

To unlock the Flingza Roller, you’ll need to grind to Level 20 in Splatoon matchmaking. Then, use a ticket at Ammo Knights to unlock the weapon.

Flingza Roller Splatoon 3

Roller Tips & Tricks

  • Catch an unsuspecting Inkling (or Octoling) in close quarters, and you’ll be able to roll over them for an instant splat with most Rollers.
  • What’s more, jumping and flicking a Roller will launch a huge line of ink forward, which can create a path for you or take out enemies at range. You can also flick on the ground for a horizontal flick, leading to more coverage, but less distance.
  • And of course, there’s the age-old tactic of hiding in the ink yourself, before popping out and rolling over unsuspecting enemies. Be warned though, over the years Splatoon fans have gotten used to this trick, which often makes rapid flicks a better option in combat.
  • Whatever your Roller of choice, your success will be determined by how well you can use your weapon’s kit. Use Curling Bombs to create lines of entry, or charge them for a surprise kill around a corner.
  • And at the end of the day when it comes to Turf Wars, don’t forget that the Roller class is exceptional at laying down paint. And despite splats being necessary to secure the victory, it’s inking territory that will win you the game.

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