In Splatoon 3, the Charger class is the closest thing we have to a sniper rifle – here’s everything you need to know about the best long-range option.

What Is a Charger in Splatoon 3?

A Charger in Splatoon, is a long-range option that can be charged up to unleash a powerful one-shot-splat.

Chargers are so named because they’re able to charge up their ink shot for extra power, laying down covering fire at tremendous range. They’re perfect for fans of the backline, for those Inklings and Octolings that prefer to do their dirty work from a distance.

They’re not always the best at inking up the stage, but a player with high accuracy will often benefit from using a Charger for its one-shot-splat potential. Hit an enemy with a Charger shot and you’re likely to eliminate them instantly, allowing your team to color the stage with less competition.

Splat Charger

How to Use Chargers in Splatoon 3

  • To use the Charger, players need to hold ZR until the gun is fully (or at least mostly) charged, and release to unleash their shot.
  • Chargers can also fire a quick shot by tapping ZR, for easy stage-painting.
  • To get the drop on enemies, you can also hold ZR while swimming in ink (ZL) to store a charge, before popping out of the ink and releasing the shot by letting go of both buttons.

Splatoon 3’s Best Charger

Many players will be glad to know that Splatoon 3’s best Charger is the Splat Charger, meaning you’ll have it from almost the very start of the game.

Splat Charger Splatoon 3

Although all Chargers are capable of one-shotting enemies, the Splat Charger will reach maximum charge much faster than all the other options in the weapon class. What’s more, it’s capable of blasting straight through enemies and splatting the players behind them.

The Splat Charger doesn’t have quite as much range as other Chargers, but its kit is best-in-class. With a Splat Bomb to cover your back and an Ink Vac to protect yourself at close range, the weapon has some great options for when the going gets tough.

The Splat Charger allows you to stay relatively mobile, which you’ll have to do anyway to avoid enemies. And while it doesn’t have a scope, or the range of several other Chargers, the ability to store a charge and fire it the moment you emerge from the ink is a great tool to master.

How to Unlock Splat Charger

The Splat Charger can be unlocked at Level 2, by spending a ticket at the Ammo Knights weapon shop.

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Best Charger in Splatoon 3

Charger Tips & Tricks

  • Charger players need to stay in relative safety on the backlines, supporting their teammates. Your focus should be on splatting enemy players to allow your team to paint the stage easily.
  • However, with your tap fire mode, it’s possible to quickly lay down some ink and do some zone painting of your own.
  • Try not to engage in close-quarters combat, but if you find yourself cornered, Chargers still offer the fastest Time to Kill (TTK) in the game. Don’t panic, and get a shot ready to potentially end the threat in a single blast.
  • Don’t forget to store a charge while using your team’s ink to change position. Then, when you’ve put a little distance between yourself and an opponent, it’s time to pop up and unleash fire.
  • Chargers may be one-shot splats but they’re lacking in close-range power. Use whatever Sub and Special Weapon you’ve got to make up for your weapon’s weak points.

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