A brand new mode has landed in Warzone, bringing Vought’s Temp V serum to the fore in Supe’d Up Resurgence.

Embrace the opportunity now, as “Supe’d Up Resurgence” may only be a temporary addition to Warzone. Don’t miss your chance to wield the might of characters like Homelander, but only in this mode.

Let’s delve into everything you need to know about this captivating LTM, which provides an experience unlike any other Warzone playlist.

What is Supe’d Up Resurgence in Warzone?

Supe’d Up Resurgence is regular Warzone Resurgence, but you can find the Temp V Field Upgrade and its powers throughout the map. This item is exclusively found in this mode.

According to the playlist’s description, “Temp V is everywhere” meaning you can find it as ground loot or in loot crates.

The format for this mode follows the quads squad size, with each team consisting of four players. Additionally, to keep things fresh and dynamic, map rotation has been enabled.

Every 15 minutes, the game shifts between Ashika Island and Vondel. This offers players the chance to secure the win on whichever map they prefer.

For those who seek to land on Ashika Island, the opportunity arises every hour and half hour on the clock. On the other hand, Vondel is accessible at every quarter past and quarter to the hour.

  • Supe’d Up Resurgence map will rotate in:
What is Supe’d Up Resurgence in Warzone

With much of the community complaining about the frequency of the Temp V Field Upgrade across other modes, the developers opted to give it a dedicated playlist.

Supe’d Up Resurgence is now the only place you can discover and use this unique upgrade in Warzone. It is likely Temp V will only stick around for the remainder of Season 4.

So, if you’re a fan of this item, make the most of the time it remains accessible.

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