MW3 Season 1 Reloaded brings everyone’s favorite band of superhero misfits back to Call of Duty with Supe’d Up, an LTM inspired by Amazon Prime’s The Boys.

It’s Call of Duty’s second major collaboration with The Boys and will feature a brand-new Supe-inspired take on the popular Kill Confirmed game mode. After confirming each kill, players will gain temporary superpower abilities from the show!

Below, we go into everything there is to know about this exciting Limited-Time Mode in MW3.

Supe’d Up Dates

The Boys: Supe’d Up Mode arrrived on January 17, 2024 and should end alongside the Supe Takedown event on Wednesday, January 24, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM GMT.

This gives MW3 players exactly to take part in this Limited-Time Mode!

MW3 The Boys Supe Siege Event

What Is Supe’d Up?

Supe’D Up is a MW3 Limited Time Mode inspired by The Boys. It is a temporary game mode based on Kill Confirmed that grants players superpowers for collecting doses of Temp-V!

Unlike Kill Confirmed, this Limited-Time Mode incorporates an interesting Supe-inspired twist to keep things fresh.

Traditionally, Kill Confirmed has you eliminating other players and picking up their Dog Tags to score points. However, in The Boys LTM’s “Supe’d Up version of Kill Confirmed,” defeated Operators will drop Temp-V Syringes rather than Dog Tags.

Supe'D Up Mode in MW3

After players pick up a dose of Temp-V, they will gain a temporary power boost inspired by superhero abilities taken directly from The Boys TV show.

You can collect these from fallen enemies and allies alike, and gathering up to 5 of them in a single life will see you become the ultimate Vought supersoldier.

The Boys LTM is also tied to The Boys: Supe Takedown event. It tasks players with completing a variety of challenges to receive a bunch of cool cosmetic rewards.

Check out our full guide on all challenges and rewards in The Boys event for more info.

All Temp-V Powers

Just like in the show, picking up and using a dose of Temp-V in The Boys LTM will grant players various devastating and awe-inspiring Supe abilities.

Several of these superpowers make a welcome return from The Boys’ first Call of Duty collaboration from Modern Warfare 2.

Homelander Heat Vision in MW3 Supe'd Up

The Boys LTM in MW3 builds upon these powers and throws a few more in for good measure. However this time around, there’s a set order that you’ll be getting your hands on the spectacular powers in.

Here are all the Temp-V powers you can use in the new mode:

  • Durability – Collect 1 Temp-V Doses
    • Refresh your health and give yourself superhuman durability, letting you take more punishment before dying.
  • Super Speed – Collect 2 Temp-V Doses
    • Run like A-Train, getting a major boost of speed that lasts for the duration of your life.
  • Super Strength – Collect 3 Temp-V Doses
    • Take down enemy Operators with a single super-powered melee attack, regardless of whether or not they have Durability!
  • Electric Shock – Collect 4 Temp-V Doses
    • Send out a powerful force of electricity that injures enemy players and destroys equipment
  • Heat Vision – Collect 5 Temp-V Doses
    • Decimate your foes with Homelander’s infamous Heat Vision ability, causing lasers to shoot directly from your eyes, melting all who dare get in your way while being completely invincible!

Any further Temp-V acquired will still contribute to your team’s score, but you won’t earn any additional powers.

You’ll keep all your Durability, Super Speed, and Super Strength until you die, but Electric Shock and Heat Vision are only usable once each, much like Killstreaks.

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