In FIFA 23, players are running into a pretty peculiar situation while trying to complete SBCs as they are coming across this strange label that says they need “Player Group 11”.

When doing these Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in FIFA Ultimate Team, you must fulfill specific criteria to finish the challenge successfully.

For many, Player Group 11 keeps showing up. This instruction is unclear, leaving users confused and wondering what they need to do or obtain.

What Does Player Group 11 Mean in FIFA 23?

Player Group 11 represents a collection of FIFA Ultimate Team items, which includes Team of the Week (TOTW), Team of the Season (TOTS), and FUT Champions TOTS.

When encountering the Player Group 11 label, it indicates that a specific number of these items is necessary to meet the criteria of a particular Squad Building Challenge.

To meet this requirement, you must ensure that you have the designated quantity of these items in the squad.

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Player Group 11 in FIFA 23

Why Is Player Group 11 Showing Up in FIFA 23?

Player Group 11 is the back-end name that EA Sports has attributed to this group of items. It is likely showing up due to a coding issue on the developer’s side.

This glitch can appear on both the companion app and the full game. Fortunately, this is only a visual bug. If you see this label as a requirement, you can still finish the SBC as usual.

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