Hiding beneath Perry and Kathleen’s basement in The Last of Us episode 4 is a Bloater. It is one of the many types of Infected in The Last of Us universe.

This was confirmed by the episode 5 preview trailer, which showed the Bloater engulfed in flames coming toward the camera.

Fans have likely been expecting the Bloater to appear for a while. In the game, Joel and Ellie had already faced one long before they were ambushed in the city.

While we don’t know just yet, it is very likely that this Bloater will be the downfall of Kathleen, the leader of Kansas City.

Perry walking into a basement with a gun in The Last of Us
Credit – HBO

What Is Hiding Beneath The Basement in The Last of Us Episode 4?

In episode 4, while searching for the survivor Henry and his younger brother Sam, Perry and Kathleen head into a dark basement.

They cautiously enter a hidden room and are startled when something bangs against the floor from below. While we’re left to wonder what it could be, Kathleen and Perry run out of the room terrified.

They agree to continue keeping the monster below a secret from the others in their gang. This way, they avoid scaring people unnecessarily.

It is clear to any fan of The Last of Us that it is a Bloater that is hiding below the floor in the basement. Bloaters are enormous versions of the Infected and are notoriously difficult to kill.

a Bloater in The Last of Us TV show
Credit – HBO

Of course, this wasn’t even the only secret in episode 4, as we also got surprise cameos at the very end of the episode.

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