Splatoon 3 has introduced a new points system with the new Splatfest, but what is Clout and what does it do?

If you’re seeing Clout in your Splatoon 3 game, it means that a Splatfest is underway. These game-changing competitions shake up Turf Wars and have players pick a side in the event’s conflicts.

While you’re taking part in the Splatfest festivities, you’ll be earning new rewards and some strange new Clout points. But don’t worry because we’ve got a breakdown on what Clout is and everything you need to know about it.

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three inklings holding various weapons from Splatoon 3 bashing into each other while grinning with blue, red and yelllow ink exploding in the middle of them

What Is Clout in Splatoon 3?

Clout is a new scoring system that arrives during Splatoon 3 Splatfests, allowing players to earn points for their chosen team. Ultimately, it will determine which team wins the Splatfest overall.

Cover more of the map in ink and you’ll earn more Clout at the end of each online Turf War. Moreover, if your team wins the match, your Clout earnings will get a score multiplier to boost your income.

All your Clout will go towards your team while the Splatfest is live, and the winning team will end up earning some bonus rewards once the event is over.

Splatoon 3 Clout

How to Get Clout Fast

To get Clout fast in Splatoon 3, follow these tips:

  • Play matches online and win them to earn the score multiplier. The more turf you ink, the higher your score will be at the end of the game.
  • Use Splatoon 3’s best weapons in order to secure those Turf War victories.
  • Playing with friends can not only help you win more games but also earn you additional Clout through Synergy Bonuses. If you and your friends dress the same or use the same weapons, you’ll earn additional Clout after each match.
  • Try out Splatfest Battle Pro mode, where taking down opponents with higher power levels will reward you with more Clout than usual! However, this can only be played in solo matchmaking – your friends can’t join you here!
various inklings from Splatoon 3 lined up with their weapons

What Are 10x, 100x & 333x Battles?

These are special battles in which players have the chance to considerably multiply the amount of Clout they can earn.

Occasionally you’ll enter into special 10x Battles, which can drastically boost the amount of Clout you earn in Splatoon 3. Win a 10x Battle, and you’ll even earn yourself a Festival Shell.

The more Festival Shells you earn, the higher your chances of coming across a 100x Battle, which will boost your Clout levels enormously!

Splatoon 3 100x Battles

If both teams manage to trigger a 100x Battle at the same time, an ultra-rare 333x Battle will begin, with an insane amount of Clout on the line. Taking part in either a 100x or 333x Battle will remove all Festival Shells a player has collected.

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