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What is The Battlefield 2042 Portal Game Mode? Classic Maps & More

EA has finally revealed the mysterious new Portal mode in Battlefield 2042 – and it includes loads of classic Battlefield content.

Battlefield 2042 is probably the most anticipated game in the world right now, and for good reason. It looks to be taking the Battlefield series to new heights and truly make the most of next-gen consoles.

The E3 2021 Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer uncovered a lot of the game’s content, but DICE hid one huge piece of information. On the Battlefield website, one of the game’s modes was ‘Redacted’, prompting players to speculate what it could be.

But now, a leak has revealed the hidden Battlefield 2042 mode to be ‘Portal’, which lets you create custom games using classic Battlefield maps, weapons, and more. Find out everything you need to know about it below!

But first, check out everything we know about the new Hazard Zone game mode in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Portal WW2

New Battlefield Game Mode Revealed

EA has already revealed every launch map in Battlefield 2042, as well as a load of confirmed Battlefield 2042 weapons. However, this exciting new game new mode was a secret until now.

The new mode for Battlefield 2042 called Portal will be unveiled at the EA Play Live 2021 event, after being leaked by GameRant earlier in a (since-deleted) article.

The new Portal mode in Battlefield 2042 lets players build custom matches using content from 4 different Battlefield games. Battlefield 2042, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 will all have content in the Portal mode.

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Battlefield Portal Maps

What is Battlefield 2042 Portal?

In this mode, players will be able to build and share their own custom game modes using maps, weapons, soldiers, and vehicles from all of the different games. The player who created the game mode can even choose the different rules for the match.

This level of customization is any Battlefield fan’s dream and will (hopefully) keep the game fresh for a very long time. Not to mention how much classic Battlefield content is returning!

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In addition to fan-made game modes, there will also be Battlefield 2042 Portal game modes that are created by DICE. This means that Battlefield fans who prefer to play rather than create can still make the most of this new mode.

Are you excited to play the Portal mode in Battlefield 2042 yet? The game’s release might still be a long way off yet, but you can find out how to get access to the Battlefield 2042 Beta here.

Battlefield 2042 Portal Rules Creator

Meanwhile, find out even more about the upcoming Battlefield game. The amazing new Battlefield 2042 weapon attachment system lets you modify your gun on the fly.

Also, Battlefield 2042 will have cross-play and cross-progression. This is perfect for gamers who own multiple platforms.

Finally, find out about the new Specialists system in Battlefield 2042. This will be replacing the class system from the series.

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