Many COD players are scratching their heads at the new Battle Royale Preview limited-time mode for Warzone – read on to find out what it’s all about!

On February 1, 2024, Raven Software released a surprise patch that added the Battle Royale Preview to Warzone’s playlist rotation.

The new mode introduces players to new features that may find their way to Warzone at a later date. This includes some much-anticipated previously delayed features such as Covert Exfils and Weapon Cases.

Helicopter in Warzone Exfil

What Is Battle Royale Preview?

Battle Royale Preview is a new LTM for Warzone’s flagship game mode that gives players a glimpse at new features that are not part of the main mode. These features may or may not come at a later date, depending on player feedback.

This is according to the official Call of Duty patch notes blog post that details all the features of this interesting limited-time mode.

The blog mentions that Battle Royale Preview will appear in playlists “if or when” Raven Software looks for data and feedback from players on “new systems”.

The new features introduced in the mode “may later migrate to the standard Battle Royale experience” and are currently available for players to queue in Quads.

Here are all the known features in the Battle Royale Preview LTM so far:

  • Covert Exfils and Weapon Cases
  • Pacing changes
    • Circle 1 wait time increases from 90 seconds to 150 seconds “to ensure players have enough time to search for the Weapon Case should it spawn outside the initial safe zone”
  • Champions Quest
    • Will still be available in Battle Royale Preview
    • Using a Covert Exfil will not count as a Champions Quest win and will disrupt any current winning streak

Interestingly, the mode is adding the delayed Covert Exfils and Weapons Cases features to Warzone!

Covert Exfils & Weapon Cases Added to Battle Royale Preview

The Covert Exfil and Weapon Cases features meant for Season 1 Reloaded are now part of the Battle Pass Preview limited-time mode.

Here’s everything included in the new Covert Exfil and Weapon Cases features for Warzone’s Battle Royale Preview mode:

  • Covert Exfils:
    • Players can attempt to escape the match early using a Covert Exfil
    • Only 5 are available per match at Buy Stations before the Gulag closes
      • They cost $30,000 each
    • Any player can use it, friendly or otherwise
    • Nearby players will be notified when one is called in
    • Squad members who do not exit via Covert Exfil can still attempt a standard win
    • It will have its own dedicated Covert Exfil Leaderboard
  • Weapon Cases:
    • A single Weapon Case spawns at the start of every match and is hidden in a search area on the Tac Map
    • The player who picks it up is globally marked for all opponents to see on the Tac Map
    • Extracting via Covert Exfil or by achieving a standard Victory with it in possession will grant access to a variety of rewards!
Weapon Cases Rewards Battle Royale Preview MW3 Warzone

Alongside the release of these new features in Battle Royale Preview, Raven Software stated that they intend to “give players more objectives and rewards to go after in a Battle Royale experience”.

Covert Exfils and Weapon Cases will breathe new life into the mode, as a way to “trigger engagements” and improve its pacing.

Raven Software goes on to reassure players that despite the addition of Covert Exfil in the new mode, “last-player-standing will continue to be the beating heart of a Battle Royale victory”. It thankfully won’t have any impact on Champions Quest progression.

Covert Exfil in Warzone

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