Our new protagonists are meeting for the first time ever in Pokemon Horizons Episode 4 – here’s a full breakdown of what went down!

If you’ve been enjoying the beginning of Pokemon Horizons, the first major show set in the Pokemon universe NOT to feature Ash Ketchum, chances are you’ve been eager to see more from Roy.

In Episode 4 ‘The Adrift Treasure’ our second main protagonist is making his debut, and Roy himself will encounter Fuecoco.

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Aboard the Rising Volt Tacklers’ Ship

Episode 4 begins with the Rising Volt Tacklers beginning to escort Liko back to the Paldea region. There, as was revealed in Episode 3, they intend to collect their bodyguard fees from Liko’s mom.

Pokemon Horizons Rising Volt Tacklers

After waking up on the airship, Liko and Sprigatito say good morning to the RVT crew.

However, things soon take a turn for the worse.

Emergency Landing

The Rising Volt Tacklers are forced to make an emergency landing due to damage to the ship. Thankfully, there’s an island just ahead that will give them a place to dock.

Pokemon Horizons Charizard and Fuecoco

Charizard is shown playing with Fuecoco, one of Scarlet & Violet’s starter Pokemon. Friede and Charizard fly off in search of supplies to mend the airship.

Sad to see Charizard leaving, the ship’s Fuecoco accidentally falls off the ship and onto the mysterious island.

The Hunt for Fuecoco

The crew of the Rising Volt Tacklers is attempting to fix the ship, but after feeding the Pokemon their breakfast, Liko realizes that Fuecoco is missing.

Pokemon Horizons Fuecoco Falling

She hears about Fuecoco’s attachment to Charizard before discovering evidence of its fall. Alongside Sprigatito, she departs to follow the Pokemon’s tracks.

Finding a pile of berries, Fuecoco is seen happily snacking on the food that seems to be hidden inside a tree.

Class Is in Session

Roy’s and his classmates attend a remote lesson via their Pokedex. His friends all have Pokemon to show off, but Roy is still without a partner.

Pokemon Horizons Roy Mysterious Ball

While class is in session, a gang of wild forest Pokemon are seen running past.

Roy reveals his mysterious Poke Ball, the contents of which are still unknown.

The Chase Is On

Fuecoco finds a wooden hut in the forest and heads towards it. Meanwhile, Sprigatito finds the remains of the Fire-Type’s recent berry feast.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the berries belonged to the forest Pokemon that passed by Roy earlier. Thinking that Liko and Sprigatito are responsible for stealing their food, the wild Pokemon attack.

Pokemon Horizons String Shot

Roy practices his exceptional throwing skills in preparation for one day catching a Pokemon. He’s able to skip stones off trees with exceptional accuracy.

Meeting a New Friend

Returning home, Roy finds his hut has been ransacked. He follows the trail and soon hears a strange noise.

The noise turns out to be Fuecoco singing happily underneath a nearby tree. Roy encounters the Pokemon but Fuecoco runs away in fear.

Pokemon Horizons Roy and Fuecoco Bond

Thankfully, Roy is able to save Fuecoco before it falls for the second time this episode. The duo then spy the Rising Volt Tacklers’ airship in the clearing ahead of them.

In town, Friede hears about a commotion coming from the forest. Together with Charizard and Captain Pikachu, he goes to investigate.

Roy tries to get Fuecoco to sing for him, claiming to like his song. Initially shy, Fuecoco refuses but Roy sings together with the Pokemon to encourage it.

Liko and Roy Meet

Two Scyther join the attack on Liko and Sprigatito who are running for their lives. Meanwhile, Fuecoco and Roy eat berries.

Roy shows Fuecoco the Rising Volt Tacklers’ banner he found, which the Pokemon immediately recognizes. Hearing Liko’s calls, Roy runs to help out.

Pokemon Horizons Roy Saving Liko

Bouncing rocks to cause a distraction, Roy pulls Liko up into the treetops where they make their escape. Friede finds one of the rocks thrown by the boy.

Roy shows Liko the mysterious ball, which he tells her his grandpa gave him. Interestingly, the ball and Liko’s strange pendant appear to react to one another as they ran, though neither notice.

Pokemon Horizons Mysterious Ball

Liko and Roy introduce one another and finally officially meet. Liko also tells Roy (who grew up in Kanto) Fuecoco’s name.

Time to Battle

Leaving little time for pleasantries the angry wild Pokemon arrive on the scene, ready for a fight.

Sprigatito and Fuecoco leap into action but both the Pokemon and their human partners get immediately tangled and dragged away with String Shot.

Pokemon Horizons String Shot(1)

Just then, Friede finally comes to the rescue. Charizard gets ready to engage but Friede tells him to stand back, instead running into battle himself alongside Captain Pikachu.

With agile movements, Friede and Pikachu dart around the Pokemon, causing them to catch themselves in their own String Shots. They then give them some berries to keep them calm.

Pokemon Horizons String Shot Trick

Goodbye to New Friends

Liko and Roy insist on picking a mountain of berries to give to the wild Pokemon as an apology before they leave.

Friede and Liko then bid Roy farewell, who is shown looking a little sad after they take off. It seems he won’t be joining the Rising Volt Tacklers, nor getting a partner Pokemon just yet.

That night, Liko hears Fuecoco singing to itself in the moonlight atop the airship.

Pokemon Horizons Liko in Bed

A tracking device aboard the airship is also shown, as the villainous Explorers are getting ready to make one more attempt at taking Liko’s pendant.

If you’re eager to see what happens next, we’ve already got new details about Episode 5’s title and synopsis here. Thankfully, we haven’t seen the last of Roy!

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