The first two episodes of Pokemon Horizons, titled The Pendant of Beginning Part 1 and 2, aired in Japan, offering viewers a glance at what the new series has to offer.

However, for those who didn’t get a chance to see it, we’re going to break down everything that happened.

The Beginning of School

The first episode of Pokemon Horizons begins with the protagonist, Liko, starting school at Indigo Academy. When she gets there, she meets her roommate, who quickly introduces her to school life.

While attending classes, Liko gets to pick her starter Pokemon. It is here that we get introduced to Pokemon Horizon’s mascot, Sprigatito from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Liko and Sprigatito in Pokemon Horizons
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Unfortunately, Sprigatito scratches Liko and runs away, prompting her to chase after it. Luckily, she finds it up on the rooftop, and it leaps across, landing clumsily in her arms.

The Mysterious Pendant

The next day, Liko and her roommate have a Pokemon battle, but Sprigatito gets defeated quite quickly. Liko realizes she needs to train Sprigatito, so that night, she watches videos to get better.

Before going to sleep, Liko checks her pendant, a green and blue amulet that she keeps in a box. Her roommate asks her what it is, so she shows her before promptly putting it away.

Liko and her roommate looking at her pendant in Pokemon Horizons
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After that, Liko dedicates herself to training Sprigatito, watching as it jumps from rooftop to rooftop. They also train heavily by the lake, although it still seems like Sprigatito has a long way to go.

A Stranger Arrives!

While Liko trains, we cut to the Rising Volt Tacklers, a group of Pokemon researchers that are searching for her. We also cut to a strange white and black-haired man who is acting mysterious around the school.

Eventually, it’s the holidays, and Liko’s roommate heads home via the bus. They say their goodbyes before Liko returns to the school to get her things.

Amethio and Liko talking in the school in Pokemon Horizons
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There, she meets Amethio, the mysterious white and black-haired man, who tells her he wants her pendant. Liko quickly runs to her room to grab her pendant, and Amethio follows her.

Battle On the Rooftop!

Realizing that Amethio is after her, Liko heads out of her bedroom window and onto the rooftop, guided by Sprigatito.

Unfortunately, one of the Explorers, the mysterious group that Amethio is the leader of, corners Liko. However, Sprigatito springs to action and defeats him, buying them enough time to escape.

Friede and Amethio having a battle
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Alas, it’s in vain, as the Explorers and Amethio meet her on the rooftop, leaving her nowhere to go. It seems like all is lost until Professor Friede, the leader of the Rising Volt Tacklers, swoops in on his Charizard to save the day.

The Pendant Saves the Day

Friede battles Amethio’s Ceruledge on the rooftop, giving Liko and Sprigatito enough time to run away. They leap off the rooftop’s edge, aiming to land on a balcony below.

However, Amethio orders his Ceruledge to attack them with fire, and it almost hits them! But, just in time, Liko’s pendant turns into a bubble around them that protects them from the blast and makes them float in midair.

Liko and Sprigatito inside the pendant
Credit – OLM, Inc.

For a brief moment, Liko sees that the pendant is a Pokemon, and they stare at one another. Then, as quickly as the pendant had transformed, it turns back, releasing Liko and Sprigatito and dropping them to the ground.

Meeting the Rising Volt Tacklers

As Liko and Sprigatito are falling, Friede turns up on his Charizard and rescues them. He flies them away from the Explorers, who quickly give chase.

Friede takes Liko to his airship base in the sky, where she meets his crewmates, Murdoch and Mollie. However, before getting properly acquainted, they’re alerted of a huge storm nearby.

Friede and Liko flying on Charizard towards the Rising Volt Tackler's airship
Credit – OLM, Inc.

They quickly spring into action as they desperately try and avoid the storm. But, before they can even get out of its way, the Explorers appear and attempt to break into the ship.

Battle In the Skies!

To try and escape the Explorers, Professor Friede and his trusty sidekick, Captain Pikachu, steer the ship into the storm. Unfortunately, it fails to dissuade the Explorers who continue to attack the ship.

Eventually, they break in and capture Liko. As they take her to leave, Friede and Captain Pikachu turn up to rescue her and once again challenge Amethio to a fight.

As the storm thrashes about them, they battle on the airship’s giant arena. Liko, realizing that others are endangering themselves to help her, orders Sprigatito to attack!

Liko confronting Amethio in Pokemon Horizons
Credit – OLM, Inc.

Sprigatito uses a powerful move that forces the Explorers to fly away and breaks the forcefield surrounding the ship.

While the Rising Volt Tacklers are victorious, the storm begins to drag Liko and Sprigatito to the edge of the ship. Friede manages to save Liko, but Sprigatito is sucked away from the ship and is captured by Amethio.

The first Pokemon Horizons episodes ends here, on a cliffhanger, with Liko and Sprigatito being separated and the Explorers escaping.

Of course, if you want to watch this thrill ride for yourself, you absolutely can. Just check out our guide on how to watch the first Pokemon Horizons episodes.

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