Liko and the Rising Volt Tacklers are back in Pokemon Horizons episode 3. This action-packed episode sees them confront the Explorers once more and attempt a daring rescue of Sprigatito!

For those who couldn’t watch the episode or want to know more about what was going on, here is a detailed breakdown of Pokemon Horizons episode 3.

Liko’s Flashback

The third episode of Pokemon Horizons begins with Liko dreaming about her grandmother, who is wearing the mysterious pendant that Liko now has.

Liko then wakes up and recounts the unfortunate events from the previous episode when her partner Pokemon, Sprigatito, was kidnapped by Pokemon Horizons’ nefarious villains, the Explorers.

Liko's grandmother in Pokemon Horizons
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Liko, who is still on the Rising Volt Tackler’s ship, goes outside and meets the rest of the crew. She asks if they’ve seen Sprigatito, but, unfortunately, they’ve had no luck.

An Encounter at the Pokemon Centre

The Rising Volt Tacklers and Liko pull into a nearby port, where they disembark and head into town. Liko is tasked by Mollie to collect some boxes from the local Pokemon Centre.

When she gets there, she encounters another girl whose Vulpix is injured. While the girl’s Vulpix is taken to be treated, Liko worries about Sprigatito.

Conia spoiling Sprigatito in Pokemon Horizons
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Fortunately, Sprigatito is being spoiled with treats and toys by Conia, one of the Explorers. While Conia fusses over Sprigatito, Amethio is called by Zir, who tells him the Rising Volt Tacklers are in town.

Chasing the Explorers!

After the girl’s Vulpix is fully healed, Liko is given the boxes she was sent to collect and leaves the Pokemon Centre. There she meets Mollie, Murdock, and Professor Friede.

However, Murdock’s Rockruff attacks a woman that Liko quickly recognizes as Conia. She, alongside Rockruff, Friede, and Captain Pikachu, chase her through the town until they reach the Explorers’ base.

Liko and Rockruff chasing after Conia in Pokemon Horizons Episode 3
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Meanwhile, Zir, who is watching the Rising Volt Tackler’s airship, plants a tracking device on the ship and rings Amethio to tell him he was successful.

Infiltrating the Explorers’ Base!

Liko, Friede, Captain Pikachu, and Rockruff make it to the Explorers’ base. While scoping it from the outside, they make a plan to rescue Sprigatito.

Once inside, they are confronted by Amethio, who attempts to stop them. However, Friede distracts him with Captain Pikachu while Liko runs off to find Sprigatito.

Liko and Sprigatito being reunited
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Fortunately, she discovers her partner Pokemon inside a locked room and manages to break the door down. The two of them are reunited and head off together, with Rockruff, to escape the building.

Stopped By Conia!

Liko, Sprigatito, and Rockruff head outside but are stopped by Conia. She tries to lure Sprigatito back to her side as she is obsessed with it, but Sprigatito refuses.

Conia summons her Skarmory to defeat Liko, but Sprigatito causes a distraction by using Leaf Storm. In the chaos, Liko manages to escape.

Liko, Sprigatito and Rockruff fighting Conia in Pokemon Horizons Episode 3
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While this is happening, Amethio and Friede are battling on the rooftops. However, as Amethio is distracted by Liko running away, Friede flies off on Charizard.

Liko Joins the Rising Volt Tacklers!

Once they’re all safely back on the ship, the Rising Volt Tacklers reveal that they were hired by Liko’s mom to be her bodyguards.

Professor Friede states that their next destination is the Paldea region to collect their bodyguard fees.

Roy finding the Rising Volt Tackler flag on the beach
Credit – OLM, Inc.

Just before the episode finishes, Roy, Pokemon Horizons’ other protagonist, appears briefly. He runs down from his house to the beach, where he finds a Rising Volt Tacklers’ flag.

Of course, if you missed Pokemon Horizons’ first episode and need the context, you can always catch up with our very quick recap.

Additionally, if you’d like to see Pokemon Horizons episode 3 for yourself and watch all the action unfold, there are plenty of ways to do so.

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