Ash and Pikachu have bid farewell to the Pokemon anime series and in the duo’s final episode we got a look back at where it all began.

Here’s a timeline of the events of Ash and Pikachu’s final episode together:

Farewell to Brock and Misty – Again

Similar to their first-ever goodbye, Brock, Misty, and Ash all part ways on the route to Pallet Town.

The original trio of trainers haven’t been together much since the early days of Ash and Pikachu’s adventure, but there’s no question that the Kanto region Gym Leaders were two of the all-time best companions.

Ash Bids Farewell to Brock and Misty - Again

Ash Returned to Pallet Town

Heading back to where to adventure all began, Ash meets his mom (and Mr. Mime of course) back at his childhood home.

After staying overnight, he wakes up late once again, but this time is stopped by his mother before running out of the house in his pajamas.

Ash at Home in his Last Episode

Ash’s mom also offers him some new trainers, but he leaves them behind as he’s running late.

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Bumping Into an Old Friend

On the road to Professor Oak’s lab, Ash bumps into Tracey, one of the trainer’s old companions from the Adventures in the Orange Islands series.

He has a brief interaction with the artist, who has been working as Professor Oak’s assistant since Episode 115.

When meeting Tracey again later, it is revealed that his Venonat has evolved into a Venomoth, something Ash and Pikachu are very excited about.

Ash meets Tracey Pokemon Finale

Ash Rescues Another Charmander

After arriving at Professor Oak’s lab, Ash is sent out to look for a missing Charmander – one of three starter Pokemon that new trainers can choose to help them on their adventure.

Upon finding Charmander stuck in a cave, Ash helps the Pokemon find its way home.

This seems to be a nod to the first time Ash rescued a Charmander which would eventually become his Charizard.

Ash Saves Charmander Pokemon Finale

A Run-In With an Old Rival

Upon rescuing Charmander, Ash and Pikachu run into Gary and his Umbreon. The old rival congratulated him on becoming a Pokemon Champion, following his victory over Leon at the Masters Eight tournament.

He also asks how close Ash is to becoming a Pokemon Master, to which the trainer has no answer.

Though Gary and Ash have been friends for some time, their rivalry was initially one of the driving points of the Pokemon anime series.

Ash Runs into Gary Pokemon Last Episode

Team Rocket Got Back Together

In case you missed the news, Team Rocket finally decided to part ways a couple of episodes back. After what seems like a lifetime (though Ash is still 10 years old), Jessie, James, and Meowth gave up on catching Pikachu and split up the team.

However, after all 3 members decide to go after Pikachu one last time on their own, they reunite for one last job.

Team Rocket Get Back Together

And this time they even manage to catch Pikachu in one of their classic electricity-proof nets, while Ash has no Pokemon on him to save the day!

Could this be the team’s greatest victory yet?

Team Rocket Catch Pikachu

Luckily for Ash and Pikachu, help is just around the corner.

Pidgeot Returns

Ash’s second-ever catch was a Pidgeotto, one that would eventually become Pidgeot. This Pokemon was last seen in Episode 81, when Ash released it in order to protect the local wild Pidgey.

The trainer promised that he’d return to find Pidgeot after he was finished with the Orange Islands, but this is the first time the Pokemon has reunited with its trainer since that point.

Pidgeot easily cuts Pikachu free, who unleashes one last thunderbolt on Team Rocket.

Pidgeot in Pokemon Finale

Despite blasting off again, Team Rocket seem happy to be back together.

The team then soars gracefully into the distance as a family of Pokemon and trainers, getting the send-off they deserve.

Team Rocket Blasting Off Again

What It Means to Be a Pokemon Master

During a rain storm, Ash and Pikachu take cover under a large tree, alongside a variety of Pokemon.

There, Ash contemplates what it really means to be a Pokemon Master. Having finally become the very best, is this really the end of the journey?

Ash Reflects on Pokemon Master

Time for a New Adventure

As the rain clears up, a rainbow spreads across the sky, a nod to Ash’s run-in with Ho-Oh in Episode 1.

Inspired, Ash and Pikachu decide to set out on a new adventure.

Since it looks like Ash and Pikachu could return to the Pokemon series in the future, maybe that’s one we’ll see before long!

Rainbow in Pokemon Finale

Ash’s mom is seen entering her son’s room, discovering that Ash has taken the new pair of shoes with him, leaving behind his old and battered sneakers. She bids him farewell.

As the original protagonists set out on a new journey, Team Rocket are seen floating in their iconic Meowth Balloon nearby.

Coming to a fork in the road, Ash and Pikachu toss a stick into the air, letting fate choose their next path. They depart down the road the stick pointed towards.

Ash and Pikachu Path

The words ‘Next Time… A New Beginning!’ appear and the credits roll.

It wasn’t too much of an emotional send-off for our protagonists after 26 years, but Ash and Pikachu’s last episode was a touching look back at where things kicked off.

And next time, we’ll be meeting new protagonists Liko and Roy as Pokemon heads to the Paldea region.

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