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What Games Will We See At Xbox’s March Showcase?

A games showcase by Xbox is on its way and will appear in March. It's exciting news, but what games will we get to see?

March is a big month for Xbox.

So far it's been pretty gargantuan for the Microsoft company; first, the historic $7.5 billion Bethesda purchase was completely processed.

Then, in a massive drop, twenty Bethesda titles surprise dropped on the Game Pass.

And now, there's word of a massive game showcase coming by the end of the month.

This is a hugely exciting prospect, and we can expect Microsoft to speak on some of the great new games that Xbox teams have been working on behind the scenes.

But what can we expect to learn from the conference? Let's take a look...

What Games Can We Expect from Xbox's March Showcase?

Well, there's certainly a lot we could see. Xbox has an incredible amount of subsidiaries, and especially with Bethesda now in the mix, there's a lot under wraps.

A big game that fans are hoping to learn more about is the sequel to Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. We know the game is currently in development but sadly, it's unlikely we'll see much of it.

The first game had such a huge focus on motion-capture acting, and it's likely that the COVID-19 pandemic pushed progress on this backward. At the end of the day, we wouldn't want the developers to rush production, so we may have to wait a little longer for a reveal.

What Game Could Be Revealed at the Xbox March Showcase?
Hellblade II

Similar things can be said of new Forza and Fable titles by Playground Games. But Microsoft has so many companies under their belt that there's no doubt we'll still see some exciting reveals.

Following fan disappointments in the initial reveal of Halo: Infinite, it's safe to assume we'll get some news on the massive title. The game was pushed back from being a Series X/S exclusive a long time ago, and info is still up in the air concerning its release.

We hope we'll learn some more of its development, and hopefully see some more riveting gameplay than last time.

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What Game Could Be Revealed at the Xbox March Showcase?
Halo Infinite

Double Fine's Psychonauts 2 has been in development for a long time with very little info, so could a full reveal be on the way? Even if we just get a release date, fans of the series have been in the dark for so long that it'll be a massive revelation.

We're likely to see more of Grounded, the survival multiplayer title brought to life by Obsidian Games. The game amassed huge early access popularity, so we're likely to learn more about its final release.

We could potentially get a peek into the new Rare title Everwild, which is speculated to be a type of multiplayer survival game. It'd make sense with Rare's history in multiplayer titles, recently working on Sea of Thieves.

What Game Could Be Revealed at the Xbox March Showcase?

State of Decay 3 is already revealed to be in development, and specifically for the Xbox Series X. The first trailer, however, was purely cinematic. Could we finally see some gameplay at the showcase?

Rumors recently have suggested that DOOM Eternal's final DLC pack is on the horizon. The last chapter of the Doom Slayer's story (for now) could get a reveal from id Software during the presentation.

It'd make perfect sense for the reveal to occur at such a big conference. After all, DOOM's forte isn't exactly its subtlety.

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What Game Could Be Revealed at the Xbox March Showcase?
DOOM Eternal

Arkane Studios are currently working on Deathloop, a game that will be exclusive to the PS5. However, rumors suggest they could be working on new installments to the Prey and Dishonored franchises. Could they appear at the Xbox showcase?

Finally, it's quite likely that we'll have another big Game Pass announcement at the conference. Xbox is pushing the pass as hard as they can, and if they've developed a huge showcase for reveals, they're sure as hell going to use it.

Who knows, maybe they could reveal the rumored Ubisoft+ merger for the Game Pass.

And now, as Xbox confirms Bethesda Game Exclusivity, they've got a monopoly on a huge gaming company. Xbox could be making a comeback soon.

But, that exclusivity deal isn't going to work for all of the company's titles. In fact, two Bethesda games will be exclusive to the PS5.

This isn't the only exciting Xbox news, either; rumor has it they're planning HD streaming for their cloud gaming service.

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