There has been much debate about what engine Starfield is using, as many have criticized Bethesda’s previous engine, the Creation Engine, for being outdated.

However, Starfield features a slew of graphical enhancements and gameplay mechanics that are only possible thanks to Betheda’s new engine.

So, what is the engine making this ambitious space adventure game possible? Below, we’ve outlined absolutely everything there is to know about Bethesda’s new game engine.

What Engine Is Starfield Using?

Starfield is running on the Creation Engine 2, an updated version of the Creation Engine that Bethesda has been using since 2011.

This was confirmed by Bethesda in a 2021 Tweet that stated, “Starfield will be our first game to use Creation Engine 2.”

What Is the Creation Engine 2?

The Creation Engine 2 is a brand-new game engine introduced specifically for the launch of Starfield. It is also reportedly being used in the production of The Elder Scrolls 6.

Previously, the Creation Engine had been used to make Skyrim and its various iterations, as well as Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.

It was modified significantly throughout its lifetime to support multiplayer functionality and improve graphical capabilities.

Sarah Morgan from Starfield

The Creation Engine 2 is a further iteration on the original and acts more as a “new tech base,” according to Todd Howard in an interview with the Telegraph.

Future games, such as ES 6, will expand upon the feature set of the Creation Engine 2, introducing new modifications to meet their unique needs.

Why Is Bethesda Using a New Engine For Starfield?

Bethesda is using a new engine for Starfield in order to improve graphical fidelity, overhaul animations, and procedural generation, as well as allow for speedier load times and quicker access to the game.

This was confirmed by Todd Howard during the 2020 Develop:Brighton Conference interview, where he discussed the limitations of their previous engine and the changes coming to the new one.

Howard stated that they “refresh” their engine with each game but acknowledged that their previous engine needed “more work than it has in previous times.”

He then when on to discuss how the Creation Engine 2, unnamed in the interview, had received the largest overhaul of any of their previous engines or engine iterations.

“From rendering to animation to pathing to procedural generation to, I don’t want to say everything, but, it’s a significant, significant overhaul.”

You can watch the exact clip in which Todd Howard discusses Bethesda’s game engine below:

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