If you want to build a tank-style character, the Vigor Attribute will be one of your best allies in Elden Ring!

FromSoftware was not shy in making it clear that Elden Ring has a lot of Dark Souls DNA in it. Even though the game offers a sprawling open world, it is still a Soulslike at its core.

The game includes cryptic and complex quests, massive bosses, and the usual high difficulty.

Although, Elden Ring adds its unique twist to all of the mentioned above, taking these elements to heights never seen before in the Soulslike genre.

One thing in which Elden Ring remains true to its roots is the Attributes that govern your character. In essence, you still have to add points to these Attributes to mold your character to your playstyle.

If you are looking to create a character in Elden Ring that withstands heavy damage, with a ton of HP, Vigor is the way to go!

Elden Ring Leveling Up Melina

What Does The Vigor Attribute Affect in Elden Ring?

Vigor is one of the eight Attributes that govern your character’s stats in Elden Ring. This Attribute directly impacts the HP of your character.

In addition to increasing HP, Vigor also increases fire resistance and immunity.

Keep in mind that having a high amount of HP does not guarantee that your character will be impervious to one-hit KOs.

Vigor directly impacts fire resistance, but Elden Ring enemies can inflict a multitude of damage types, like magic, holy, and lightning.

To make good use of your massive HP bar, it is a good idea to fully understand all the other Attributes affecting your stats in Elden Ring.

Also, you can always complement your build with a Talisman to complement your stats and resistances.

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Elden Ring Vigor Attribute

Now that you understand Vigor, here are some essential easy to miss quests you might want to complete in Elden Ring:

Lastly, sometimes more leveling does not equate to better results, and that is the case with Vigor’s soft caps on Elden Ring!

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