Choosing the perfect weapon attachments in Warzone and MW2 is crucial for success, and one particular boost has caught players’ attention: No Enemy Skulls.

While most attachments focus on improving the gun’s performance, this unique bonus offers an advantage beyond the weapon itself.

If you do not know what No Enemy Skulls means, then look no further, as we have you covered on what this attachment boost does.

What Does No Enemy Skulls Mean on Attachments in Warzone & MW2

No Enemy Skulls means that the skull icon will not appear on the screen when you kill an opposing player in MW2 or Warzone. Consequently, their teammates will remain uninformed about the location of their death.

This attribute proves ideal for individuals who prefer to operate covertly with a stealth loadout, allowing them to remain undetected and under the radar.

This can only be found on the Ammunition attachment and does not appear in the Pros list for any other attachment type.

Skulls showing for teammates’ death

What Weapons Can Get the No Enemy Skulls Boost in MW2 & Warzone

The No Enemy Skulls attachment attribute in MW2 and Warzone can only be found on specific weapons. The following guns can gain this boost:

  • MX9 – SMG
  • Fennec 45 – SMG
  • ISO 45 – SMG
  • Chimera – AR
  • ISO Hemlock – AR
  • P890 – Handgun
No enemy skulls attachment pro
No Enemy Skulls

Head over to the Ammunition attachment slot, and you will find this attribute under the “Pros.” This will only be an option for the weapons in the list above.

If you want to be extra stealthy, you can pair it up with a suppressor and the Ghost perk. This way, you will genuinely stay under the radar!

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