If you are going for a build dedicated to sorceries and incantations, you need to learn everything about the Mind Attribute in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring brings a lot of flexibility when it comes to playstyles. For the first time in a Soulslike, players can summon additional help in the form of Spirit Ashes.

Additionally, the game has introduced many ranged attack options in the form of incantations and sorceries.

Yes, this has been present in other Souls titles, but never to the extent of effectiveness and variety present in Elden Ring.

Creating a magic build is a ton of fun in this game. Nevertheless, jumping into one of these builds can be a bit tricky.

To fully take advantage of all the magic weapons, sorceries, and incantations in Elden Ring, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the Mind Attribute and its effects on your character.

Elden Ring Glinstone Sorceries

What Does The Mind Attribute Affect in Elden Ring?

Mind is one of the eight Attributes governing your character stats in Elden Ring. In particular, this Attribute directly affects the FP stat.

This is crucial if you plan to use sorceries, incantations, Spirit Ashes, and Ashes of War.

Understanding FP is essential for magic builds; here is everything you need to know about Focus Points (FP) in Elden Ring.

In addition to a direct link with FP, the Mind Attribute also affects the Focus stat. This stat denotes your resistance to Sleep and bouts of Madness.

The more Focus you have, the less susceptible your character will be to Sleep and Madness.

Comprehending the Mind Attribute is only the beginning of mastering sorceries and incantations in Elden Ring.

To fully grasp the potential of magic in the game, you also need to understand what the Faith and Intelligence Attributes are all about.

As well, learning how incantations and sorceries work in the game would tremendously benefit your build.

Also, with a high Mind Attribute, here are the best incantations and sorceries you can get depending if you go for a Faith or Intelligence build:

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Elden Ring Mind Attribute

Lastly, some really powerful Talismans can help you improve your build by boosting other stats to enhance your character.

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