If you’ve been looking at upgrading your abilities in FF16, you may have noticed that you can actually master them.

However, Final Fantasy 16 never explains to the player what this means, at least for Eikon abilities. This lack of information can lead to confusion over whether it’s worth actually mastering any abilities at all.

Fortunately, we can confirm it is absolutely worth mastering Eikon and Core abilities, as both grant considerable perks. Learn all the tricks about mastering abilities, and at what point of the game you should pursue it with this guide.

FF16 Mastering Abilities Explained

In Final Fantasy 16, mastering abilities, either Eikon or Core, enhances your gameplay. By mastering an Eikon ability, you can equip it to any Eikon character for flexible strategies.

On the other hand, mastering Core abilities means unlocking distinct ability-specific enhancements.

Mastering Eikon Abilities in FF16

Mastering an Eikon ability in Final Fantasy 16 allows you to equip that ability to any Eikon you are using.

This is possible even if the Eikon that posses that ability is not currently in your roster, which allows a maximum of three Eikons.

For example, if you wanted to use Titan’s Windup ability but wanted to have the Shiva, Ramuh, and Phoenix Eikons equipped, you could switch out one of Shiva’s abilities for Windup once it’s been mastered.

The Eikon abilities screen with the section on mastering it highlighted

It is important to note that mastering an Eikon ability does not improve its damage or overall stats. Therefore, it isn’t worth mastering Eikon abilities until you have unlocked four or more Eikons.

In essence, mastering an Eikon ability in FF16 allows you to share it with other Eikons and ensure you can have it equipped at all times.

Mastering Core Abilities in FF16

Mastering a core ability works differently. Each core ability is affected in unique ways once mastered, and you can see exactly how by pressing Triangle while hovering over a core ability.

For example, if you master the Magic Burst core ability, you extend the trigger window. Conversely, if you master the Stomp ability, it increases the maximum kicks to two.

The core ability details screen in FF16