There are a lot of stats to learn about in Diablo 4, but one of the most important ones is Intelligence. Players need to know how this stat works in order to increase their resistance across Sanctuary.

As you explore Diablo 4, you’ll find many of the elements working against your favor due to enemy attacks and Crowd Control skills. This is why it’s great to find ways to increase your resistance to them.

This is where the Intelligence Core Stat comes in. In this guide, we’ll help you understand what Intelligence in Diablo 4 is and how to use it to better your build.

What is Intelligence in Diablo 4

Intelligence is a Core Stat in Diablo 4 that allows the player to increase their resistance to all elements by 0.05% per point invested in the stat. It also has some class-specific boosts, including:

  • Rogue – Increases Critical Strike Chance by 0.02% for each Intelligence point in your build.
  • Sorcerer/Necromancer – Increases Skill Damage by 0.1% for each Intelligence point in your build.
  • Druid – Increases Resource Generation by 0.1% for each Intelligence point in your build.

Depending on your class, you’ll start with a different amount of Intelligence. This makes sense since some classes will depend on this skill a lot more than others.

Here is how much Intelligence each class stats with and why it’s important for creating a build:

  • Sorcerer/Necromancer – 10 Intelligence
    • The Sorcerer and Necromancer both have the highest starting Intelligence stat because it is directly tied to their Skill Damage. This means that the more Intelligence a player has on their Sorcerer or Necromancer, the more damage they will do with their build.
    • It also helps increase their resistance against all elements, which is especially helpful to the Sorcerer class because it tends to have low endurance.
  • Druid – 8 Intelligence
    • The Intelligence stat allows the Druid to increase their Resource Regeneration which is important because it helps them use their most powerful attacks more frequently.
  • Rogue – 7 Intelligence
    • Intelligence will help boost the Critical Strike Chance of the Rogue. This is a great way to increase the power of some of the more damage-oriented builds for the Rogue since they heavily rely on landing Critical Strikes.
  • Barbarian – 7 Intelligence
    • The Barbarian is the only class that doesn’t benefit offensively from the Intelligence Stat. If you’re using this class, you won’t need to worry about boosting this stat to improve your build.

How to Check Intelligence Stat

To check your Intelligence stat in Diablo 4, all you need to do is press the pause button to enter your Character Menu and look on the left-hand panel. All your Core Stats are displayed there.

If you want a more in-depth look at your stats, then you can press on the Left Stick of your controller to bring up the detailed stat menu.

Intelligence stat on the menu in Diablo 4

Viewing your Core Stats will also help you see how they affect your specific class and what sort of boost you currently have on your build.

How to Increase Intelligence in Diablo 4

The best way to increase your Intelligence in Diablo 4 is to have it as an affix roll in your Legendary Gear and use the Paragon Board to activate any INT nodes.

Increase Intelligence using Paragon Board.

  • You’ll need to reach Level 50 with your character to use the Paragon Board. It takes a bit, but it is the fastest and easiest way to increase your Intelligence.
Intelligence Node in Diablo 4
  • In the Paragon Board, you’ll see several of your stats, and depending on which node you activate, it will give a boost to your stats.

Increase Intelligence Using Gear.

  • Players always have a chance to obtain gear that has a high Intelligence stat.
Intelligence Stat on Gear
  • If you have a piece of Legendary Gear that you enjoy using, but it doesn’t offer any Intelligence stats, you can always reroll its stats at The Occultist by using the Enchant Item feature.
    • Players can find The Occultist in Kyovashad or any other main city Waypoint.
Enchant Item menu at the Occultist in Diablo 4